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Job Search Methods and Techniques for Educators to Get Results

job search methods and techniques for educators to get results

Job search methods and techniques in education will vary with your geographic location. The effectiveness of each strategy will depend on writing a top-notch, focused resume and application.

Below are some tips for job search methods and techniques for educators to get results.

Resume and Cover Letter

Focus the teaching resume and cover letter on the education position you are targeting. Include education keywords and relevant teacher skills accomplishments to get results.

A resume should be kept to one page if possible, list relevant accomplishments, flow in an easy-to-read format, and be visually appealing. Go in-depth about a specific project to highlight your attributes in a few paragraphs in a cover letter.


It would be fabulous if the school of your dreams called you up when you graduated from college and offered you the teaching job you have always wanted. However, if you have ever completed a job search, you know this is never the case.

If you are a certified teacher wanting to land an excellent teaching position, you must do some serious legwork.

Think of searching for a job as if it is a job. It takes time, dedication, and a concentrated effort.

Job Search Methods Need to be Applied to Work

Obtaining a teaching position can be difficult, but it is much easier to know where to look and start your education job search. Another factor is if you begin with a strong teacher resume and cover letter.

Consider using the following sources when seeking your next position:

Local ‘Department of Education’ Website

Almost every state or province has a department of education established to govern the education of the children living in that area.

A great source to consult when seeking a teaching job is your local Department of Education website, as most Department of Education websites contain a page of job listings. These job postings are often searchable or organized by region, making them an invaluable tool for any job-hunting educator.

School District Websites

The most common way to locate teaching jobs is on school district websites.

Almost every school district has a section of their website dedicated to listing teacher or administrator job postings. Once you have identified the school district you want to work in, you should check the website weekly for jobs.

Identifying fresh job leads is necessary because job postings may only be on the site for a few days. After they are taken down, applications begin to be reviewed. If you are not consistently checking district websites, you could easily miss a teaching position that would be perfect for you.

Job Posting Boards

Education employment job leads, in some locations, can still be found on an off-line job posting board. Some school districts have job posting boards in the district office with information about openings.

The methods of communicating job postings vary from area to area; it would be advantageous to check with any school districts you would like to work in and inquire about how they post their jobs.

Education recruiters and job posting websites are also excellent sources of information.

Using various job search methods will get you the results you need. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket — or job search technique.

Don’t forget to connect with others on social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter – you never know what opportunity will come up.

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