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Education Job Search Tips to Get a Competitive Edge

How to Test a Second Career Option Without Jeopardizing Your Job

how to test a second career option without jeopardizing your current career

Are there any second career choices you have always wanted to pursue? If so, seriously examine each of them. Testing the waters confidently and secretively to determine if a second career in an entirely different position or sector is common. Whether your career interests you in education or the business sector, it’s time to reflect [...]

Are You Unhappy with Your Job? 6 Steps to Take Action Now

are you unhappy with your job 6 steps to take action now

Many situations may lead to being unhappy with your job. It is vital to research and recognize job dissatisfaction to have a fulfilling life. These events could include: bullying, poor management, redundant duties, physically exhausting, lack of challenge, poor wage or benefits, and the list goes on. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button [...]

How to Amplify Your Resume Results By Turning Up Interest

how to amplify your resume results by turning up interest

Are you looking to increase your resume results? Do you know how social media channels can skyrocket the number of interviews your resume generates? And, of course, ultimately improve job search success. First, look at LinkedIn and how it can help you get a new position. The basics: LinkedIn is a website that connects professionals [...]

Identifying and Overcoming Potential Job Search Liabilities

identifying and overcoming job search liabilities to land interviews

Don’t let potential job search liabilities hamper your enthusiasm to land a new education position. Some job searching educators feel their employment application will not be rejected for job postings because of prior work experience or personal reasons. Most job seekers believe these employment liabilities will significantly diminish their chances of securing an education position. [...]

How to Give Yourself an Employment Background Check

how to give yourself an employment background check

Before starting your job search, doing an employment background check on yourself before hiring managers is good. Finding out and fixing any potential problems regarding your background before a school or district will prevent you from being screened out of the job applicant pool. Look into your credit report, academic records, driving abstract, social networking [...]

5 Steps to Land a Teaching Job

5 steps to land a teaching job

Anyone, who has ever looked for a teaching job, can tell you that getting a job in teaching can be a challenging task. There are a finite number of teaching jobs available in most districts, but once a job has been filled, it frequently remains this way for up to 30 years. With the job [...]

Summer Employment Opportunities for Teachers to Gain New Skills

summer employment opportunities for teachers to gain new skills

Luckily, there are many summer employment opportunities for teachers if you’d like to continue working. Working during the summer break offers many benefits. Some educators view the summer break as a time to check out from their regular career and completely unwind and relax. Other teachers like to continue their careers during the summer. Summer [...]