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Education Job Search Tips to Get a Competitive Edge

Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation and Presence

how to effectively manage your online reputation and presence

Effectively managing your online reputation and presence is crucial in today’s digital age, especially when it comes to job searching in the education field. Here’s an expanded guide to help you navigate this important aspect of your career: Harnessing Social Media for Job Search Incorporating social media into your job search strategy can significantly enhance [...]

during your education job search communicate your unique selling point

Are you preparing for an education job search? Review and implement these tips and steps to uncover your unique selling point as a teacher or any position in the education sector. As a job seeker, you must communicate your value as an educator, a critical aspect of a successful educational job search. Meet the minimum [...]

How to Create a Professional Brand in the Education Sector

how to create a professional brand in the education sector

What is your professional brand? A vital component of your career and job search is creating a brand relevant to education and communicates your authenticity. It’s essential in your job search that the information schools find about you online is positive and professional. Many school hiring representatives will Google or search LinkedIn for their potential [...]

Benefits of Creating a Teaching Portfolio to Advance Your Career

benefits of creating a teaching portfolio to advance your career

Creating a teaching portfolio has enormous benefits to your career and job search. Learn what to include and how to organize an educational portfolio. There is a lot of research supporting portfolios as a tool for lifelong learning and your job search. As a result, preparing a portfolio, whether digital, hard copy, or both, will [...]

Special Education Teacher Job Skills Needed to Land a Job

special education teachers job skills needed to land a job

Special education is a rapidly growing sector of the education field. The number of students requiring special education services has increased because students with special needs are identified earlier, and there is an increase in the acceptance of services necessary. As the special needs student population grows, school districts need to hire more teachers to [...]

Benefits of Cold Calling for a Teaching Position

benefits of cold calling for a teaching position

Are you aware of the advantages of cold calling for a teaching position? Cold Calling Versus the Traditional Job Search Method When looking for a teaching position, most teachers opt for the traditional method. The conventional job seeker approach uses online job boards, newspapers, and district websites to find advertised job openings. This job-hunting style [...]

Job Search Networking Tips to Land Education Career Opportunities

job search networking tips to land education career opportunities

Job search networking can be paramount to discover education career leads and secure a teacher or administrator position. Teachers tend to leave their jobs as they retire, which, in turn, creates vacant positions for the younger generation of teachers. In some areas, though, teachers are working longer and holding on to their jobs for as [...]