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How to Secure a Teaching Job in a Recession

How to Secure a Teaching Job in a Recession

Finding a teaching job can be difficult, even during the best of times. In times of economic difficulty, it can seem impossible to get an interview.

As the global economy continues to suffer, prospective teachers need to be more aggressive than ever in locating and securing a teaching job. If you are in the unlucky position of looking for a teaching job, don’t despair. Teaching jobs are still available.

Consider using the following techniques to increase your chances of securing a teaching position.

Know Where To Look

There are many places to find teaching job listings for numerous school districts. There are still some districts that only post on their district website. Be sure to learn how the school district you are interested in does their job postings. Monitoring the websites for multiple school districts will decrease the likelihood that you will miss a posting that may be perfect for you. Add the sites to your Internet favorites. Visit them often to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Perfect Your Resume

Create an attention-grabbing, easy-to-read resume to make sure it will stand out from the rest. Search the Internet for resume writing tips. There are many different options to be found. Be sure to select one that will effectively highlight your talents and qualifications. Most computer systems will have a Word program with several different resume templates.

Accentuate Your Skills

Remember, you will likely be up against a large number of candidates. Explicitly point out the strengths you possess that will add value to the position. These may be the factors that stick in the hiring committee’s mind and help you win out over other candidates. The more your skills fit what they need, the more likely you are to get the position.

List Other Skills That Will Be Beneficial To The School

Do you have an extra skill that you can use to benefit the school? Be sure to point out other ways to be an asset, such as coaching or facilitating clubs. Many times schools are more interested in hiring someone who can perform double duty. They are looking for people that can perform multiple tasks.

Research The School Or School District

Even if your only reason for applying to work at a particular school is that they happen to have a vacancy, do not convey that message. Learn about the school district for which you are applying. If you do not sound interested in the school district, they will most likely not be uninterested in you. If you apply for a certain school in the district, research everything you can on that school, its methods, policies, and history.

Present Yourself Professionally

You are applying to be a teacher. Act like one at your job interview.  Schools are less likely to hire someone who seems timid and nervous at an interview. If you seem insecure in front of a hiring committee, how will you be in front of a class?

Eliminated job interview jitters by preparing for any question they may ask in the interview. Be prepared to share your success stories. Schools are looking to hire someone who is passionate and can impart knowledge and lead a classroom. Let them meet that person at the interview.

Teaching jobs are increasingly hard to come by. The market is flooded with qualified candidates who are eager to secure a full-time position in their field. If you are serious about getting a teaching job, you need to be aggressive. Prove yourself in your interview. If you wow them with your knowledge, skills, and personality, they will have no choice but to select you.