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Teachers Must Have Passion to Enjoy Teaching

Teachers Must Have Passion to Enjoy Teaching

A teacher must have a passion for enjoying teaching, and for finding the career rewarding like a teacher cover letter needs to show personality to land job interviews.

We see this principle used in school districts’ websites and promotional materials – they have a “mission statement.” Their mission statement says, “this is what we are here to do, and here’s how we do it.” They settle beforehand how things are going to go down.

Having your own teaching mission statement will help you when you have lost your zest for being in the classroom. Those times of trouble include when you feel like you have lost the desire you once had for your dream. And even when you finally achieve success, often, you can still lose the desire.

We tend to be workaholics, and in the struggle for continued success, we overwork ourselves to the point that our love for what we do gets lost. So I encourage you to say, “this is why I’m here, and here’s how I’m going to do it.”

Secondly, stay in tune with your passion for teaching and learning. Passion is your strong devotion to the field of education. Plain and simple, everything has the potential to get old. It seems like some things are the town’s talk one day, and people are clueless about it the next day. You can’t let that happen to your career plans. Keep your deep interest in helping students be as successful as possible.

I’ve discovered that the main reason why people lose their passion for anything is that they get overly confident with it. They believe they have learned everything on earth about something, and there’s no need to dig any deeper. This is completely untrue!

With all of the technology that we have these days, you can always find something new. You can always immerse yourself in new information. You can always be a big kid in a candy store and go around tasting every kind. This is just one of the reasons I have an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning.

Keep looking into what you love. We always miss something in this fast-paced society. Don’t let this rushed society dominate the way you perceive your passion. The combination of holding to your purpose and your passion will help you achieve your dreams, so never lose sight of these.