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Incorporate Keywords Relevant to Teaching in Your Cover Letter

Incorporate Keywords Relevant to Teaching in Your Cover Letter

Incorporating the right keywords in your teaching-focused cover letter is essential for many reasons.

When you are writing your cover letter and resume, you may find out it’s tricky to customize it according to the position you are applying for or the school district you want to be a part of. The key is to tweak your keywords by following the principles of the mirroring technique.

How to Incorporate Teacher Keywords

Gathering your focus is important when you tweak your keywords to mirror the school district or teaching position you wish to secure. Job seekers often think their resume is targeted and focused, but the truth is they are simply generalizing, making their resume no better than a generic resume.

This is mainly because professionals think that by focusing their resume on a certain teaching area or school district, they are closing doors to other job opportunities and will lose their chances for other open positions. Overcoming this misguided belief by altering your resume and cover letter for each teaching position you apply for.

Understand the mirroring technique’s main principle because this will be the extension of your effort to try to shift your teaching career perspective. First, you can visit online job aggregators and match your ideal teaching job to the posted job description.

Relevant Keywords

Try to highlight all the relevant keywords and key phrases used in the job description to match your personal skills and strengths. When you integrate these keywords into your resume, you are essentially mirroring the teaching job posting or the specific teaching position you want using the right terminology in your resume.

We often say to ourselves, a particular position fits us perfectly, and yet we fail to communicate it effectively in our resume. Simply using the mirroring technique, job hunting becomes easier because we can use proper keywords. The core competencies and qualifications potential principals are looking for in a new teacher.

Tweaking Keywords

Tweaking the keywords to align or mirror the position you want is a significant step when writing your resume. The content in your documents will serve as a determining factor in your job hunting progress.

It helps the applicant tracking systems (ATS) understand if you have the experience and knowledge of teaching and are qualified for the available position. Fine-tuning the right keywords will allow you to mirror back to potential school principals’ needs and show them you have what they are looking for and meet the employment requirements.

More often than not, the first person to handle your resume is either the office staff or school district personnel. If you properly mirror the right keywords in your resume, you will get a better chance of getting it passed on to the hiring authorities.

And with the increasing use of technology in the job market, school districts use scanning software to help them sort through hundreds of resumes. The scanning software looks for certain keywords and keeps the resumes that have them while tossing the others.

With the right teacher keywords in your resume, you can increase your chances of getting ahead of your competitors and getting noticed by school principals.