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How to Write a Montessori Teacher Resume

how to write a montessori teacher resume

Writing a Montessori teacher resume is not that much different than any other teacher resume. Below are some important tips that you should consider when creating your teaching resume and cover letter for Montessori schools.

Montessori teachers wishing to secure the perfect teacher position should know that both the resume and cover letter are significant. It is hard to find a job without an impressive resume accompanied by a cover letter reflecting their personality, passion, and why they are making the change.

Since there are hundreds of applicants for a single Montessori teaching job, it is essential to ensure that your final resume draft is the best of the best.

Below are the five things you should include in your Montessori teacher resume and cover letter to secure a job interview.

Ensure Your Resume and Cover Letter are Accurate

They should not have a single typing or spelling error since it will create an image of being unprofessional. Take the preparation of your resume and cover letter seriously. There are many writing tips to help you will this process. 

Letter Should be Addressed to the Decision-maker

Sending your resume or cover letter to a nameless individual is not as effective as directing it to the principal or decision-maker. Addressing it correctly will ensure that it reaches the hiring person and gets you noticed. Ensure the person is addressed with respect and with professional language. Appropriate titles to use are Dr., Professor, and Mrs. And Mr.

Write a Unique Montessori Teacher Resume and Cover Letter

Never copy it out of a sample letter or from a book or website. It is quite unprofessional and one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Targeting your education job search will be successful in landing a new position. 

Communicate Your Knowledge of Position

Make it sound knowledgeable about your field and about the school or institute you are applying to. Include ways in which you can help.

Highlight Areas of Strength Clearly

It is vital to get the interview you are targeting; therefore, your cover letter and resume should portray that you are serious about the job application and that you have the right strengths and qualifications for the job.

These are the five key points that every Montessori teacher’s resume needs to include.

There are many resume and cover letter examples on the A+ Resumes for Teachers website that you can check for reference and guidance to draft yours so that it will sound professional and impressive.