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Include Teaching Keywords in Your Education Resume

include teaching keywords in your education resume

Weave teaching keywords in your education resume so when the resume is scanned, it will reach the human eye. Sounds strange? Read on to find out more.

Applicant tracking systems scan most applicants’ resumes and cover letters. Correctly choosing and placing keywords in your resume and cover letter is critical to receiving a job interview.

Scanning resumes are the norm for most schools or school districts. Resume scanning software saves them hours of manual labor. A hiring authority doesn’t have to sort through the abundance of resumes they receive. There is a downside to resume scanning for job seekers.

If you are an excellent teacher but do not include the correct keywords or use the right resume and cover letter format, it will reduce your odds of landing an interview. Thus, not securing a potential dream teaching position.

School representatives enter relevant education terminology into their scanning software and select resumes containing these words to move in the application selection process. The more targeted your resume keywords are, the higher the chances that the school’s software will scan your resume and reach the school principal’s hands.

When you have your information online, such as LinkedIn, the same principle applies. A school, school district, or recruiter will use variations of keywords to locate different resumes on the Internet. High tech tools within candidate tracking software are used, which searches through resumes for basic teaching or other education professional keywords that match a particular job’s specification.

How to Include Teaching Keywords

If you are a school administrator, you may wish to check out the critical reasons to use certain words in a school principal resume with example keywords.

Review the School’s Website

Many blogs and websites contain many significant keywords that you could use within your resume, so take the time to look for them. Look for repeated words in different parts of the text throughout the site that indicate what concepts are essential to them. . Check out articles, blog posts, reviews of the school and school profiles to gain as much important information as possible.

Make Use of Keyword Tools

Use the AdWords Tool from Google or other SEO information sites to find popular words.  These sites have options to show users how many times a particular word is searched in a month. 

Once you have gained access, enter a key phrase or keyword related to the job you want, the school name, your teaching area, and the job description. Have a look at the results and see which keyword phrases and keywords were searched the most. Type these phrases into your search bar on Google or Yahoo, and it will tell you how many times these phrases or words were searched on the Internet that day.

Look at Other Posted Teacher Resumes

Another way to discover great keywords is to look at resumes that are similar to yours. Job postings are a fabulous method to retrieve relevant terminology. Try and find professional resumes that represent your skills, teaching area, and experience. If you want to pursue something within another position or education field, you will need to search resumes relevant to that field.

Use tools like the Google keyword tool to see which keywords have been searched for the most. Enter the primary keyword phrase or keyword for the skills, niche, and experience you have, then add “job – jobs – resume – opportunity – submit,” and click on search.

Query several different ways, adding or subtracting words, until it shows you what you wish to locate. You can then add the popular words to your resume.

Read Job Ads to Locate Teaching Keywords

If you look around the Internet, you will easily discover excellent keywords from teacher job ads. You can search online job boards and check out the different postings.

Read other Teacher Resumes before Posting

There are multiple places to post resumes on the Internet. Check some of them out. Read some of the resumes or some of the ads for jobs relating to your expertise. It will be easy to spot resume keywords because they will appear in multiple job postings.

Don’t underestimate the importance of including education words in your resume. Using the correct keywords could determine if you land an interview or you don’t.