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5 Resume Writing Tips to Help You Gain the Upper Hand

5 resume writing tips to help you gain the upper hand

1. Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Sell your value by creating a powerful resume to stand out from the other job applicants. Even though your resume must look and sound appealing, you need to make sure you come across as a desirable candidate.

While concentrating on developing an attractive design, ensure you include all pertinent information. Vital details are education, credentials, work experience, and professional development. Assess the school district’s job advertisement, if available, and make certain you have touched on all required qualifications in your cover letter.

2. Remain Consistent with Design of Job Search Documents

If you decide to use a border in one document, you must use it in the other. The same goes for any matters regarding resume formatting – layout, design, color, font style, capitalization, bolding, and font size.

All your job search documents should have the same overall layout. There needs to be uniformity. Consistency will ensure your resume and cover letter will stay together and attract the employer’s eye. Furthermore, it demonstrates your keen eye for detail and the ability to remain consistent.

3. Implement an Area of Expertise or Core Competencies Section

This is a very crucial segment that is guaranteed to set you apart from the competition. Focus on essential skills that are needed to succeed in the job you wish to secure. Write a resume profile that is compelling and then includes an area of expertise.

Concentrate on hard or technical skills, meaning competencies to perform the job itself. If you seek a teaching role, these vital skills would include classroom management, student motivation, technology integration, parental communications, building student relationships, differentiated instruction, reading strategies, and creative lesson planning.

Examine soft skills such as problem solving, organization, time management, conflict resolution, and public speaking. List your qualities in a chart and bullet point format to stand out from the rest of your text.

The skills and strengths you include in this section should contain keywords.

4. Highlight Career Accomplishments

Immediately following your job responsibilities include key career accomplishments. Accomplishments should be bulleted so they stand out. An example could be how you increased student grade point average, reduced absenteeism, secured a grant, and raised a few at-risk students’ grade levels.

Career achievements should be relevant to the job you wish to obtain. Regardless of your career success stories, always explain how you accomplished them. Once again, list these in bullet point format to set them apart from the rest of your duties. Try to find at least a couple of achievements for each position.

5. Communicate the Value You Can Bring to The School District

Make the reader want to learn more about you!

Get the reader interested in interviewing you by crafting top-notch job application documents. Use the cover letter to appeal to the school district’s needs and desires.

If you have outstanding education, qualifications, and experience, make sure they are aware of it. Don’t brag, exaggerate, or come across as arrogant. Let the reader know you want to help the school district to be successful.