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Teaching Resume Profile Samples / Career Summary of Qualifications

Resume Profile Samples for Teachers

Scrutinize the resume profile samples below to generate ideas on how to write your resume.

Are you struggling to draft a career summary to apply for your next teaching job? Look no further. This blog post will help.

What Is a Resume Profile?

A profile appears at the beginning of your resume and is a concise paragraph or bulleted list. This career summary should include the top qualities you can bring to the education position.

This section could be called an introductory paragraph or summary of qualifications. Resume profiles are usually five to six lines in length. Each sentence needs to reflect on your years of experience, related skill sets, or ability to shape a dynamic school environment.

How to Write a Resume Profile

Include your willingness to help each student succeed, the compassion and support you can offer all students, and other talents you can bring to the classroom. If appropriate, include any foreign languages you speak or can read/write – mention skill level (beginner, semi-fluent, fluent).

The introductory paragraph of a teaching resume is an excellent place to include short slogans that sum up your philosophy of education or commitment to students and the value you can bring to the school. For instance:

Dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential.


Excited to bring an inspiring and hands-on learning experience to the students.

Style of Resume Profiles

Sentences should not be written in the first-person format (i.e., containing “I” or “me” pronouns). Resume career summaries should have action words and buzzwords that describe your skills and talents.

Include relevant awards or notable or prominent achievements in the top resume summary. Everything you include in this section should be backed up throughout the rest of the resume’s information.

Sharpen your writing to make this area concise, on-point, polished, and perfect. Don’t rush the writing of your resume. Including keywords in the resume summary is vital to getting past the applicant tracking systems and in front of human hands.

Examples of Resume Profiles

Read the following resume profile samples to help you write your teaching resume. These examples will help you recognize desirable traits and understand how to word them properly.

Business Corporate Trainer

Business-orientated professional facilitator with 10 years of hands-on experience as a corporate trainer. Diverse communication and instructional skills to help individuals effectively comprehend and retain presented material. Gifted ability at capturing and holding the listener’s attention while delivering the information via different mediums. Committed to establishing a warm, supportive, and inclusive learning environment to optimize student learning. Strength to create an environment where all students are allowed to learn by providing one-on-one support when needed to help them succeed.

General Education K- Grade 12 Teacher

Highly enthusiastic teaching professional who is eager to provide all students with a solid education. Talent for bringing the classroom to life with real-world examples and innovative technology. Proven ability to discover students’ varying learning styles, ensuring each student’s unique academic needs are met. Encouraging educator who offers plenty of positive reinforcement to maintain a calm and controlled classroom. Well-rounded with exceptional communication, interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Semi-fluent in written and verbal Spanish.

Childcare Provider

  • Versatile childcare provider eager to transition into the role of a professional educator.
  • Extensive training and hands-on experience in early childhood education, special education, and accommodating multiple intelligences.
  • Proven capability to assess students’ individual goals, needs, interests, and learning styles to develop a well-rounded educational program.
  • Trustworthy individual with strong communication and interpersonal skills to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with students, teachers, parents, and all other school community members.

Elementary Teacher

Energetic and goal-driven instructor who is dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential, regardless of academic capabilities or challenges. Ability to incorporate role-play and group discussions to enhance students’ socialization skills. Talent for using manipulatives, technology, and group projects to facilitate multiple intelligences and keep students interested and focused. Compassionate person who takes the time to get to know students as individuals. Caring individual who will strive to foster strong relationships with all students. Fluent in verbal and semi-fluent in written French.

Secondary Education Teacher

~ Social Studies/History/English Grades 7-12

“Effective learning is based on a set of general principles which constitute a social contract between all participants.”

Enthusiastic and energetic professional dedicated to providing students with the abilities and potential to master the necessary skills to become responsible, well-educated community members. Unwavering commitment to instill confidence and self-esteem by providing open communication lines and welcoming attitude when approached by students. Sensitive to different perspectives, encouraging student feedback regarding teaching methods, and applying it to enhance learning.

Assistant High School Principal

  • Forward-thinking educational leader with the proven capacity to develop a vision and deliver on organizational missions and objectives throughout teaching career, taking on increasingly more significant supervisorial roles within education.
  • Cultivate a school climate and culture of success and promote rigorous performance standards based on continuous improvement and best practices implementation.
  • Provide a motivational tone for students and staff where educational excellence is the focal point.
  • Dependable mentor with collaborative leadership skills to build solid relationships with students, parents, and faculty.

Incorporating Keywords in the Career Summary

One of the best ways to get potential employers to look past your lack of experience is by utilizing educational buzzwords.

Relevant keywords should be placed throughout your resume (in the introductory paragraph, areas of expertise, and any classroom experience), cover letter, philosophy of education statement, and follow-up thank you note.

To find keywords/buzzwords, look at a school’s website and read through pages about its philosophy, current events, and news. If the administration implements a new policy or initiative, you will discover its details there. Consider reading recent articles or journals that pertain to your desired teaching position to uncover keywords to include in your resume profile.

The grade level or subject area you wish to teach will determine teachers’ and administrators’ unique words. Standard terms and phrases you may hear regardless of content area or age level include: multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner’s theory), learning modalities, manipulatives, SmartBoard (a form of technology), IEPs (Individualized Education Plans or Programs), and so on.

After the profile section, many resumes will include a table or other formatting style to have an “Areas of Expertise,” “Core Competencies,” “Areas of Strength,” or “Areas of Knowledge” section. Here is an example:

Core Competencies Include:

Academic Policies & Programs · Program Management & Coordination · Instructional Material Development · Integration of Technology · After School Programs Development · Standardized Testing & Scores · Creative Problem Solving · Conflict Resolution · Classroom Management · Individualized Instruction

This short section that lists your essential skills in education should directly follow your strong professional profile. Combining the professional profile and areas of expertise makes for a great first impression and a strong beginning to your resume document.

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