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What Should You Bring to an Overseas Teaching Position

What Should You Bring to an Overseas Teaching Position

When packing for your overseas teaching position, it is a fabulous idea to make a checklist. Create a list of every possible thing that comes to mind. This will leave a lot of room for the additional ideas as they come to you.

Anything you don’t bring with you initially, you can arrange to be shipped later.

When planning what you need to pack, make sure to keep all of your important documents in one safe place that you can easily access. Before you begin packing, make sure your luggage is strong enough to survive the journey.

Good, strong luggage is worth every penny you invest in it. Clearly label your bags on the outside and inside to avoid losing them.

Items to Include in Your Luggage


It’s a necessity to learn about your destination. Not only will a guidebook provide you with important information about your destination, its culture, and popular places to eat and visit, it will provide you with helpful information about how to get around your new home, where to go to find fellow expatriates, and other information that will make your transition easier.

It is excellent to buy a phrasebook if you are going to a country with a different first language. This can be integral for getting around and communicating with everyone, from taxi drivers to your coworkers.

Clothes Suitable for Teaching

Take attire appropriate to meet the dress code, if necessary. Find out from the school you will be teaching at what appropriate attire entails. As well, research the climate and weather of your host country to ensure you pack for all weather possibilities.

Photos of Friends and Family

They will help to make your new apartment feel like home and help against homesickness.

Passport Photos

These will help put on your applications for work permits and for taking when you travel to other countries.

Foreign Currency

Don’t be searching for an ATM at the airport. Have a few hundred dollars of foreign currency to make your trip easier. It’s recommended to put money in several different places so that you will still have some money somewhere if you lose your luggage.

USB Drive of Your Teaching Resources

This is a great way to transport your teaching resources; you can print them out once you arrive at your destination.

Electrical Adapters

In many countries, your electrical gadgets will not work because of the voltage difference. You can purchase and pack an adapter to allow all your gadgets to work in your host country.

Electronic Gadgets and Chargers for the Gadgets

Don’t forget all your gadgets like your electric shaver or camera. Almost more importantly, don’t forget to bring the chargers for these gadgets.

There will be a new list of things to do once you arrived at the international job.

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