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Preparing for An International Teaching Job Takes Planning

preparing for an international teaching job takes planning

Preparing for an international teaching job takes planning, including researching where you would like to live, determining which schools are hiring, and finalizing a range of essential details. Plan to take several steps to find the perfect job and prepare yourself for your big move.

Once you’ve interviewed and offered an overseas or International teacher position, start fine-tuning the details of the move.

Steps to Prepare for An International Job Search

Proper Paperwork

First off, as soon as you’ve been offered a position, you need to take the steps necessary to get your vital documents and visa in order.

Review what materials you need to have with you to enter the country where you will be teaching.

Ask your employer about which visa you need to get and how you can go about getting all your documents together. You’ll likely have to visit a consulate for the country where you plan to work to request your visa.

As there isn’t a consulate in every city, you might need to prepare for an overnight trip to a city with an office where you can request your visa.

After getting all your essential documents and official business out of the way, there are some last-minute preparations that you will need to complete as well. Here are amazing suggestions for things you may want to do before leaving so you can thoroughly enjoy the experience of teaching in a new culture.

Master the Language

It is a beneficial idea to have some grasp of your host country’s native language. It’s friendly to be able to say a few words to the people you encounter. Learning a few common language phrases will help you cope and help you get around in your new country.

Grab a phrasebook and start practicing before you head out. Apps such as Mango Languages and Duolingo are excellent ways to learn basics to be ready to communicate when you arrive in your new home.

Money Management

Inform your bank and credit card companies about your departure so there will be no delay in any financial transactions when you start using your credit cards or bank account overseas.

It’s not wise to have your credit card and bank statements delivered to your old residence for security reasons. Either redirect your mail or set up internet banking. Registering for online banking will make it easier for you to keep track of your transactions and account activities.

Establish a Forwarding Mailing Address

Change your mailing address before or soon after you leave. Consider asking the new school where you will be teaching to use their address for forwarding your mail. Quickly adjust your address information at the post office and let your friends and family know of your new address by making up new address cards.

Having name cards with your name and contact information will come in handy to you in your host country. Hand out personal cards to people you meet while traveling and potential students who ask you for English tutoring.

Keep Track of Networking Contacts

Create an address book, either hard copy or digital. Keep all your family, friends, and colleagues’ contact information in it for keeping in touch. Include information for your doctor, insurance, lawyer, and all the details about your credit cards so you will have all of these numbers in case of an emergency.

It’s exciting to have the prospect of teaching overseas and starting a new adventure. Read all you can about conducting an international job search to make the most of your time.

Adequately prepare for what lies ahead by following these guidelines.

Can you share your experiences of applying for international teaching jobs below? How about any challenges you faced? What has been the difference between searching overseas and in North America?