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Does My Living Situation Matter for an International Teaching Job?

Does My Living Situation Matter for an International Teaching Job?

If you are considering taking an international teaching job, you will need to make sure that you will handle the lifestyle changes that come with an international move.

On the surface, teaching abroad can sound like a great life adventure, but it’s not for everyone. Before accepting the job, you should make sure that it will benefit and accommodate your personal and family needs.

If You Are Married to Another Teacher

If you are married to another teacher, this will make finding jobs a lot easier, as the two of you will be able to look for postings in the same city or on the same campus.

Schools like to hire teaching couples as they are the most cost-efficient option since they are hired together and can share living accommodations. If you are applying to schools as a couple, make this evident in your applications and apply early on in the process to ensure that you both end up with positions in the same school.

If You Plan to Move by Yourself

Being single is another attractive option for schools. Teachers who move to their new home solo tend to fill spots at the last minute, as they don’t have dependents to worry about, making them ideal candidates to fill vacancies quickly.

Depending on your contract and comfort level, you might even be able to share housing with another teacher, making it cost-efficient for the school. If you are applying as a single teacher, you will find you have the option of applying any time during the application process, as you will have a great deal of flexibility to apply to schools where there is only one vacancy.

Are You Bringing Children

If you are traveling with children, you may have more obstacles to overcome. Many schools will be willing to provide extra accommodations for families with children. It can be challenging to accommodate larger families in the housing provided to faculty.

If you are a single teacher traveling with children, it may be harder to find employment in some countries, like throughout Europe, because the wages are not enough to support a family on a single income. Thoroughly research your cost of living before accepting the job to ensure there are no surprise expenses.

If You Are Moving With a Partner Who Isn’t a Teacher

Lastly, if you are a married couple and your spouse is not a teacher, you will have the extra responsibility of finding a position for your non-teaching spouse.

There are always opportunities overseas for non-teaching partners, but they may not be what your partner is accustomed to. If they are willing to branch out a bit, then there will be many different jobs for them to choose from.

The key is to keep an open mind. Making this transition is once in a lifetime experience where you and your partner will experience new things. And for your partner, that may mean a whole new career experience. Sometimes, your spouse may be able to gain a non-teaching position at the school you will be teaching at.

Positions that may be available include teaching assistant, sports coach, building manager, admissions officer, or activities coordinator.

Check the school’s website or inquire with its recruiters or human resources office to determine if there are non-teaching vacancies that might be a good fit for your spouse.

No matter what your living situation is, you can find great international teaching opportunities. The key is to take your living situation into account when searching for positions and make sure the school you choose can accommodate your needs.

If you need to resign from a teaching job, please review the proper procedure to quit.