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Career Development / Educational Skills

What it Takes to Enter Special Education Teaching

what it takes to enter special education teaching

If you want to enter the special education teaching profession, you will need to know how to teach students with unique needs. These students will require specially trained help and guidance. Trained specialists need to be available to assist them in reaching their highest potential. Special education teachers must be understanding educators who are patient [...]

Tips for Integrating Technology into the Classroom

tips for integrating classroom into the classroom

Integrating technology into the classroom is integral to students’ education and is transforming the way students learn in the classroom. Today’s students are born into technology-heavy environments and, therefore, are brought up knowing how to use different forms of technology. As a result, sometimes students have a greater understanding of technology than their teachers. Because [...]

Professional Development to Learn New Teaching Methods

professional development to learn new teaching methods

Professional development to learn new teaching methods can be accomplished in various forms, including teaching conferences, teaching classes, virtual/online classes, and self-study. As school districts and states change the way they want their programs to run, many teachers are required to adapt to these changes. Teachers are expected to acquire new teaching practices and skills [...]

Extracurricular Activities Can Create Better Classrooms

extracurricular activities can create better classrooms

If teachers take professional development it will create better classrooms. Courses and seminars provide educators with the tools, advice, and methods they’ll need to deal with any experience they may encounter in the classroom or within the school community. Professional development is as important at the beginning of a teacher’s career as it is during. [...]

what skills do you have to integrate technology into the classroom?

How could you answer a teacher job interview question similar to this: What skills do you have to integrate technology into the classroom? With new technological advancements being made every day, it is vital to learn how to incorporate these advancements into our everyday lives. It has now also become a great method of instruction [...]

Professional Development Will Move Your Educational Career Forward

If you are in an education career the professional development and learning should never stop – if it does you will become behind the times. As a teacher, principal or any other educator continuous learning should help to avoid career stagnation. Have a solid career development goal to ensure your career will go beyond the [...]

How to Move Through the Fear Of Wanting More Money

How to Move Through the Fear Of Wanting More Money

The objective isn’t about ignoring or hiding from these feelings of fear; it’s simply about managing them when they appear. To pretend they don’t exist or get down on yourself when they show up just keeps you stuck in the low-level energy of these emotions and further away from your success.