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Education Career Development to Enhance Educational Skills

Educators need continuing education career development to stay current and enhance their teaching or educational leadership skills. Life-long learning is paramount to ensure they continue to be efficient and employable educators. These articles contain valuable information to advance your education career — including educational issues, academic trends, teaching methods, and classroom management tips.

Regardless of your profession, it is paramount you stay current and do not let your talents and skills become stagnant. This couldn’t be truer in the world of education! Since teachers are responsible for educating and motivating our youth, they must remain enthusiastic in the classroom, possess top-notch teaching skills, and know how to facilitate all types and levels of learners within the classroom. Professional development opportunities such as in-services, teacher workshops, leadership seminars, educator courses, and school administrator training sessions, are excellent ways to enhance your teaching skills and classroom management strategies.

When you walk away from these professional development training opportunities, take the time to coordinate with fellow educators, teach them new technology, and share best practices to produce a high-achieving and engaging classroom environment.

Education career and professional development and school leadership professional development also focus on areas such as productivity, efficiency, organization, communication, teamwork, technology, data analysis, and other critical skills required to be a highly effective classroom instructor. If there is an area you feel you may be lacking in or struggle with, work with your school administration to discover teacher training workshops or continuing education initiatives to improve your teaching skills, boost your confidence, and improve student success rates.

Your willingness to engage in education career development and continuing education, and teach fellow instructors, speaks volumes to the school administrative team as well! Education career and professional development initiatives look fantastic on your education focused resume.

Extracurricular Activities Can Create Better Classrooms

extracurricular activities can create better classrooms

If teachers take professional development it will create better classrooms. Courses and seminars provide educators with the tools, advice, and methods they’ll need to deal with any experience they may encounter in the classroom or within the school community. Professional development is as important at the beginning of a teacher’s career as it is during. [...]

What Skills do You Have to Integrate Technology into the Classroom?

what skills do you have to integrate technology into the classroom?

How could you answer a teacher job interview question similar to this: What skills do you have to integrate technology into the classroom? With new technological advancements being made every day, it is vital to learn how to incorporate these advancements into our everyday lives. It has now also become a great method of instruction [...]

Professional Development Will Move Your Educational Career Forward

If you are in an education career the professional development and learning should never stop – if it does you will become behind the times. As a teacher, principal or any other educator continuous learning should help to avoid career stagnation. Have a solid career development goal to ensure your career will go beyond the [...]

Learn How to Move Through Fear for More Money

The objective isn’t about ignoring or hiding from these feelings of fear; it’s simply about managing them when they appear. To pretend they don’t exist or get down on yourself when they show up just keeps you stuck in the low-level energy of these emotions and further away from your success.

Is Social Media Considered Teacher Professional Development?

With the growing popularity of social media in all aspects of life, it is surprising how social media platforms are not being used to enhance the learning experience for students. Do you think social media is considered teacher professional development? At the same time, using online social media websites needs to be done with caution, [...]

Find Out Why Teachers Are Integrating Twitter in the Classroom

Find out why teachers are integrating Twitter in the classroom. Twitter is an effective and widely popular online service where users are able to enter up to a hundred and forty characters in a single message. Mainly, the purpose of Twitter is to inform others of what you are doing or what you are thinking [...]

The Value of Professional Development for Teachers

The value of teacher professional development is vast and ongoing, and as the job market becomes ever more competitive, professional development is becoming vital to securing and keeping a teaching position. Every professional, whatever their vocation, must find ways to improve their credentials by enrolling in professional courses or registering for advanced degrees. The teaching [...]

Keeping Your Teaching Job Can be Tough

keeping your teaching job can be tough

As you may already know, securing a great teaching job can be difficult, but have you ever thought that keeping your teaching job can be tough? If school districts experience budget cuts and part of those cuts include a certain number of teachers. Here are some things you can do while you are in your teaching [...]

Teachers and Administrators Need to be Strong Role Models

As an administrator, teacher or any other educator, you need to be a person that all students, parents, and colleagues can look up to. Teaching and administrating are both important and serious roles which require the utmost integrity.

Continuing Education for Teachers – Checklist to Get Started

The field of education is continually changing because of new information and research studies being introduced therefore as a teacher continuing education is very important. There are plenty of new studies that help make teachers more effective in their professions. Teachers who are progressing in the field of education must understand the importance of the [...]