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What role do standards play when teaching students?

what role do standards play when teaching students?

Do you know how you would answer this fundamental teacher interview question: What role do standards play when teaching students?

It is essential that the response you give to the job interview question is truthful, relevant to the position, and shows value to the school district. The following could be a possible answer… or it may provide some ideas for you to tailor your response:

Learning standards primarily deal with the content of the curriculum in the schools. Meeting the standards is the goal of students’ schooling. They determine the standards to which students need to perform by the end of the semester or school year.

Content standards indicate what students should know and do by the end of the school year. The curriculum and my lessons should be designed to help students get to these end goals. By testing students with standardized testing, districts and states learn whether each school effectively meets the standards.

The learning standards form the basis for instruction when teaching students. They provide a guideline of what is necessary to teach, what needs to be covered for each topic of study, and which instructional tools should be incorporated into the lessons.

As a teacher, it is my job to develop lesson plans that follow and meet the state standards while also adding my own dose of creativity into the lessons to make them engaging and interesting for my students so that they will better retain the information and, thus, perform better on state tests.