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What Do You Think is the Greatest Challenge Facing Students Today?

What Do You Think is the Greatest Challenge Facing Students Today?

Do you know how you would answer this job interview question: What do you think is the greatest challenge facing students today?

You could be asked this job interview question in either a teacher interview or a school principal interview, so you should have a solid response prepared for it. Here are ideas to help you tailor your answer to increase your chances of receiving a teaching job offer.

You might respond by mentioning several challenges facing students.

For example:

There are several serious challenges facing students today. For all students, a serious challenge is learning responsible, caring behavior in the face of all the irresponsible behavior shown, and even promoted, by the media – television, radio, the Internet, and magazines.

Unfortunately, too many adults base their behavior on what they see and hear in the media and provide poor role models for students. Also, many students face the challenge of learning English as a second language. And, finally, many students struggle with learning difficulties that inhibit their ability to become literate.

However, since each student is unique, they will face their own batch of problems and challenges. The key to helping all students reach their fullest potential is assessing and accommodating their diverse needs.

If it is discovered that one or more children need additional one-on-one support, the teacher must provide extra-curricular help or encourage them to work with their child at home more.

On the other hand, the home situation may by itself be part of a student’s struggles. Some do not receive adequate support and positive reinforcement from family members, while others can’t afford the latest technology to keep on top of school projects and research.

If the latter is the case, students of lower socioeconomic backgrounds are automatically at a great disadvantage. Programs must be put in place to help these students succeed.