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Teachers Implement Integrated Activities Within the Curriculum

Teachers Implement Integrated Activities Within the Curriculum

How do teachers implement integrated activities within the curriculum? Do you know how you would answer this certain teacher job interview question?

It is vital that the response you give to the job interview question is truthful, relevant to the position, and shows value to the school district. The following could be a possible answer, or it may provide some ideas for you to tailor your response:

Teachers implement integrated activities within the curriculum to aid in the complete, well-rounded development, also known as a holistic student. This means that every part of the students will excel, including the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, using various teaching methods. Providing students with lessons that encompass a wide range of skills and subject matter will get a much richer educational experience.

Integrated activities aim to focus on more than one skill or subject matter through one exercise or activity. For instance, a teacher can integrate a writing exercise with the history curriculum. This type of integration shows students that subject matter and skills are not compartmentalized but can be applied in many different situations and contexts.

It serves to reinforce concepts that have been taught in other subject areas for better retention and comprehension. In my classroom, I like to focus on developing my students’ social skills by integrating activities that utilize group work and cooperation. Integrated classroom activities apply to the development of all student learner areas, not just toward cognitive development.

Consider how you would get parents involved in student learning to help optimize success.

What can you tell me about integrated activities? Please comment below on how you would answer this question in a job interview.