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How To Change Careers to Teaching Successfully

how to change careers to teaching successfully

Follow your dreams by learning how to change careers to teaching successfully.

Make your transition from a business career to teaching a reality! Call it a second career, if you wish – this happens many, many times. There are many transferable skills to transition from a corporate career to teach in a classroom. Taking the time to uncover and communicate your relevant teaching skills will be critical to your job search success.

Many career changers start by writing a resume targeting a substitute teaching job to get their foot in a school district door.

After reading this quoted statement… reflect on how you may have procrastinated on moving your career forward or made up excuses for not “stepping out of your comfort zone, “… and now you are at the same place you were months or years ago. Nothing is changed…

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” Candace Alstad – Davies

Although you can apply these motivating words to any crossroad in your life, applying them to a midlife career change to teaching takes on an exciting dream/reality meaning.

Changing or beginning a career at midlife is very different from when we were younger. Most of us devoted most of our time in our twenties and thirties pleasing others, whether it was family, in our career, or both.

We compromised our work/life choices to support whatever the immediate needs were at the time. Unfortunately, most of us have ended up suppressing our own personal dreams and aspirations for the greater good and the daily grind. As I am sure you know, building resilience during job uncertainties is vital to continue moving forward.

Midlife is when the focus is not so much on power and success but on realizing your mortality and fulfilling a lifelong dream. This is a time where you can shed the pressures “By now I should be married,” “I want to be rich and have a big house,” and enter into “What’s really important to me now” and “I want to love what I do for as long as I’m able.”

Just because you have been a successful CEO for the past fifteen years doesn’t mean that it is something you love and have a passion for continuing. Maybe you have always loved animals and want to open a pet shop or use the wisdom and knowledge you have developed over the years to teach others.

Many parents have been stay-at-home-parents for most of their adult life and now want to do something that expresses who they are as individuals outside of the home. Regardless of what your occupation has been up to this point, you have earned the right to make a change for yourself.

List out your dreams and aspirations, regardless of how silly they may seem. Also, list what you are good at that you love doing. You will find that this is the person you are today, the person who is now putting their needs and desires to the front of the line instead of lagging and going with the general flow of life.

You may start by reviewing resume writing tips for freshers.  A fresher is a teacher with no experience. It will give you ideas on what to include in your career change resume.

If you need help, connect me – Candace. This is my area of expertise.