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How to Gain Immediate Control Over Any Class

How to Gain Immediate Control Over Any Class

If you are like many teachers, you may want to know how to gain immediate control over any class.

Do you wonder why some teachers seem to gain immediate respect from their class no matter how intolerant or hard to control the class is for other teachers.

Certain teachers seem to have a magic ability to settle and engage the hardest classes, even if they’re teaching the class for the first time.

The most surprising aspect of these teachers is that some get these results without even being assertive. Good teachers don’t need to resort to intimidating students into behaving. A room can be in chaos, but the whole class will sit silently when that teacher walks in. Students are ready to work with a pen in hand. A teacher like this has total control over their students, regardless of the situation.

This sort of teacher has total and utter composure with all groups. Nothing gets past them, and they treat everyone firmly and fairly.

In any confrontation, the idea of resistance doesn’t enter their head, and they can deflect any dispute with ease and without arousing resentment. They can make more headway with the most difficult student in two minutes than most can make in a whole term.

These teachers are involved with the school community. They know the school policies and rules inside and out and are always aware of all school activities. They are interested in the students and pay attention to them, knowing the current news and gossip about the students like who’s dating who and what the current fashion trends and fads are. And, of course, they always have a great sense of humor. They’re always smiling and enjoy a good laugh.

Now, of course, someone like this will get talked about by staff and students. Students throughout the whole school will know exactly what to expect from them. They will know that they can look forward to having an entertaining, interesting lesson but that they won’t get away with anything.

And that is where the secret about these teachers lie. Some teachers can walk into a brand new class and command immediate respect and attention from even the worst students because students are aware ahead of time about what to expect from this particular teacher. Their reputation precedes them.

If you want to gain immediate respect from any class, you will need to work hard on your reputation. Your reputation dictates how much respect you will garner from students and staff alike. The more you commit to building your skills and awareness, the better your reputation will become.

So start taking the necessary steps to build up your reputation. Ensure that your lessons are always engaging and fun for your students. This will make students enjoy your class and help eliminate disruptions and problem behavior.

Next, go out of your way to know your students and get involved in school activities. Students love an involved teacher that takes an interest in them. If you take these steps, your reputation will undoubtedly improve.

A reputation is not something that is built overnight, however. So it will take time to see the fruits of your labor, but when it happens, you will also find that you enjoy your days more and enjoy teaching more as well.

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