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Writing a Persuasive School Administrator Resume to Initiate a Phone Call

writing a persuasive school administrator resume to initiate a phone call

Writing a school administrator’s resume or CV that communicates your value using keywords as an education leader will increase interviews.

Receiving multiple phone calls requesting to meet for an educational leadership job interview is music to the ears. I’m sure you would agree.

When applying for a principal or assistant principal position, include relevant keywords to ensure it passes through the ATS (applicant tracking system). This step is critical to getting your school administrator’s resume to the human eye.

Some school districts will request that you provide a CV/resume included with your application, while others will ask that you provide a completed online application form.

Either way, you should always maintain an up-to-date, modern school administrator resume. Even if you apply for a position that doesn’t require one, it will make filling out the application form much easier. Plus, you will want to bring a visually-appealing, current resume to the job interview.

Review a primary school principal resume example to gather ideas.

If you are an experienced educator, your resume should center on your past leadership accomplishments and experiences. If this is your first education leadership position, you will need to focus on your related experiences, whether working with children in other settings or professional experiences where you used transferable skills.

The length of your resume should reflect your credentials and years of experience. For instance, if you are a brand new school administrator or have less than 3-5 years’ work experience, your resume should aim to be no more than two pages.

Conversely, you need more space if you are a seasoned educator with 15 years of relevant experience, skills, publications, and professional development.

Your resume may be up to three pages long if you include professional development or publications. Opting to have an addendum to your school administrator’s resume for professional development and publication is a viable option.

The optimal length of a resume is two pages, as this is the most common, and many readers may call it the magic length to ensure it gets read.

It takes the reader about 15 seconds to determine if the applicant should be put in the “worth a second read” pile.

Valuable information needs to be well laid out and easy to skim. Resumes should not be jammed full of text as no person will take the time to read through them. Use white space in your education leadership resume or CV to lead the reader’s eyes to critical areas. Also, use bold and italics sparingly to help make important information stand out.

Your resume is your personal sales page - it needs to sell your skills and accomplishments as an educational leader. Share on X

Many job seekers have a hard time coming up with accomplishments they’ve made in the classroom or past leadership positions. Reflect and review what your references would say about you or comments you received from parents, and don’t forget, recommendation letters are an excellent source to help you find them. Another way to help you uncover accomplishments is to use the C.A.R. method. Think of a time when you had a challenge, the action you took, and the result of your move.

List education accomplishments as bullet points statement. Start each with a strong action verb to describe administration or leadership experiences.

Using bullet points will help your achievements stand out in your education CV or resume and emphasize your efforts to achieve the accomplishment. Write your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities under the employment details in a paragraph. Separate your duties from your actions.

Make sure you choose the suitable CV resume format. Selecting the correct resume format will make an enormous difference in the length of your job search.

While there, you will find many job search and resume and application letter writing tips offering progressive ideas on writing an academic CV curriculum vitae that will grab the reader’s attention.

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