How to Tailor Your Teaching Cover Letter to Meet the School District’s Needs

Updated :: 2016/07

by Candace Alstad - Davies on June 14, 2016

How to Tailor your Teaching Cover Letter to Meet the School District's Needs A+ Resumes for TeachersSubmitting a generic teaching cover letter doesn’t work.

It is imperative to take the time to tailor your letter of intent to meet the school district’s needs.

Start with writing a top-notch teaching cover letter that is unique to you and what you have to offer a school community and modify it to each application.

Before crafting any career-related document, as well as planning for an interview, you must do research. Once you have chosen a school district you are interested in, find out its goals, philosophy, and standards.

Communities tend to focus on different key issues such as literacy, multiculturalism, inclusion, special needs, outreach programs, etc. Find out two central concerns that the district concentrates on and adapt your teacher resume and cover letter accordingly.

Let’s start off with writing your resume to target the position, this means including relevant information only.

If a learning community is most concerned about incorporating literature in the classroom, you can showcase related competencies in your areas of expertise section. For instance, you might include items such as Reading Strategies, Interdisciplinary Reading, Literature Circle, Writer’s Workshops, etc.

In the main body of your resume, under teaching experience, you should highlight your expertise in literature-based activities and units. Describe the results you achieve by implementing certain activities or lessons. resume, under teaching…

How to Write an Education Consultant Resume and Market Yourself

Updated :: 2016/06

by Candace Alstad - Davies on June 1, 2016

education consultant resume

The role of Education Consultant is becoming increasingly popular in the field of education. You need to ensure your education consultant resume meets the needs of the applicant tracking systems and the reader.

This post should help you with your job search as a consultant in education.

First: What is an Education Consultant?

As new teaching techniques become available, and state and federal policies change, the need for Education Consultants will only continue to grow. Education Consultants work with teachers, administrators, students, and parents to develop, implement, and assess academic programs and learning environments. They help schools integrate the most effective curriculum, locate beneficial resources, and adapt their educational philosophy to ensure only the best for their students. Education Consultants also lead workshops, meetings, and committees that focus on a variety of topics and bring key issues to light. They provide instruction to teachers and parents, and offer top-notch resources for helping improve student success rates. Education Consultants collect data to help drive instruction, make curriculum modifications, and determine the need for specialists and various programs.

Since most Education Consultants were once classroom teachers themselves, it’s not difficult to understand why they made the leap from one position to the other. This is a great role for individuals who are looking for a change from being in the classroom, but do not want to take on the administrative duties of a Principal or Assistant Principal. Being an Education Consultant allows teachers to support their colleagues on a greater level, and provide more students with a high quality education. This position also enables educators to interact with other members of the school and district on a regular basis to devise methods for helping students reach their full potential, regardless of the academic challenges and social obstacles they may face.

Establish Yourself as an Education Expert and Leader

One of the most tried and true ways to land any job is by responding to job postings. However, what if there aren’t any? You must create the need for the position if one is not currently available. One such way is by establishing yourself as an expert in the field of education. This may occur by:

Since most education consultants were…

When You Are Unhappy with Your Job Take Action With These Six Steps

Updated :: 2016/05

by Candace Alstad - Davies on May 23, 2016

unhappy with your jobIt is vital to recognize job dissatisfaction to ensure you have a fulfilling life. Many situations may lead to being unhappy with your job.

These events could include: bullying, poor management, redundant duties, physically exhausting, lack of challenge, poor wage or benefits, and the list goes on.

 If you find yourself hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock each morning, and dreading the day ahead, it is time for you to make a change!

Does your job have you down?

Life is too short to be unhappy! Making immediate job changes can turn your dissatisfaction around quickly.

The key is not merely to wake up one morning and tell your boss you quit. You must plan ahead and make sure you have another job in place, or at least have a stable financial situation (and supportive partner/family), which would allow you to be unemployed for an undetermined amount of time. The current job market is highly competitive, and you must be willing to work hard to land a new job – perhaps even the career of your dreams!

Below you will find …

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