Administrator and Teacher Job Search Networking

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 22, 2014

Administrator and teacher job search networking will help you in various ways throughout your principal, teachers, or college instructor career. While searching for a new career in education it helps to network with others to gain information about which school districts are hiring, etc.  Your ability to network during your job search will have huge benefits on your teaching career and overall success. The larger your network is, the more support and information you will have at your fingertips. Want to learn more? Below are reasons why you need to be networking consistently to improve your career and professional life.

Job search networking is the number one way to land a teaching job. The majority of jobs are unadvertised and the leads are found through some form of networking. Also, the caliber of jobs found through networking tends to be better and more coveted. A personal connection to the decision maker is the best way to get your teaching resume and cover letter on the top of the pile.

To prove just how effective career networking for educators is, think about ten of your employed friends. How many of them got their jobs through a form of networking versus the traditional teaching job search approach? I bet you find that networking far outweighs the traditional methods. Sure they had to submit their teaching resume, letter of intent and an application like every other teacher or administrator, but did they find out about the opening prior to the public? Many educators claim…

How Do Teachers Get Students to Stay on Task?

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 21, 2014

When dealing with disruptions, how do teachers get students to stay on task? Teachers use various methods. It is important that a teacher’s response to the disruption is less intrusive for the rest of the class than the initial disruption. It doesn’t make much sense to react to a minor infraction with all guns blazing and create more of a disturbance than the student did in the first place. Therefore, I’ve assembled 6 steps for getting any student on task that will ensure problems are addressed before they escalate into large scale problems for the entire class.

When dealing with disruptions, it is always good to start small, and then work your way up if needed. So that is why step one for dealing with minor disruptions is to simply ignore it. Most attention-seeking behaviour…

Transition to an Educational Career Using Transferable Skills

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 20, 2014

Find out how to effectively transition to an educational career using transferable skills. If you are transiting to a teaching position, school administration position, or any educator position you will need to uncover and write a resume that includes relevant accomplishments and skills that would be valuable to the new position. The biggest challenge when entering a career in education is how to properly prepare and create a compelling teacher resume or of course, an administrator resume. It may seem like a daunting task trying to enter the education field from another industry because of your lack of related experience. The solution to this is to highlight your relevant transferable skills as a means of showcasing what you can do in the field of education.

Transferable skills can be broken into three different groups, specifically people, data, and equipment. The category for people refers to your skills in communicating, teaching, supervising, and coaching while the data category concerns record keeping, translating, and evaluating data, budgeting, researching, and compiling records. The category for equipment is about your skills in operating computers, smart board, and other industry related equipment.

If you take the time to identify your transferable skills and evaluate your personal proficiencies in regards to these skills, you can convey to possible school districts that you have the core skills necessary to excel in your new teaching career. Highlighting your transferable skills can…

Writing a Philosophy of Administration and Leadership Statement

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 20, 2014

Philosophy of Administration and Leadership is an Added Marketing Document Writing a Philosophy of Administration and Leadership Statement to submit for a school administrative position will take time and be a thought provoking exercise. This personal leadership philosophy statement can be submitted with your Administrator resume and cover letter to convince the reader to call you for a job interview. This philosophy statement is generally one page, it presents a snapshot of your beliefs and attitudes regarding the roles and responsibilities of an administrator, demonstrating your deep understanding of the position as well as your willingness to go the extra mile in meeting the needs of the school district.

Before beginning to write your document, be sure to research the policies and philosophy of the school district. While you don’t want to simply parrot the district’s philosophy, it is essential…

What Skills Do You Have to Integrate Technology into the Classroom?

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 19, 2014

How could you answer a teacher job interview question similar to this: What skills do you have to integrate technology into the classroom?

With new technological advancements being made every day, it is vital to learn how to incorporate these advancements in to our everyday lives. It has now also become a great method of instruction that is replacing the chalkboard. Schools have invested in laptops for their students so that they can gain access to software and educational websites that have made learning fun and much easier. Teachers have an important role in incorporating technology in the classroom that will pique the interest of the child.

Note that the digital literacy skills you’ve acquired will enable you to use this technology to reach educational objectives and goals. Your methods of instruction will be more effective and you will be more productive as a result. These skills will facilitate your access to educational content and provide you with the ability to share, store, and re-use your lesson plans. This will greatly improve the standard of classroom education. These skills will also enable you to collaborate better with your colleagues and managers and will promote better teaching methods. As a teacher, you need…

Principals Need to be Effective Leaders

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 18, 2014

Principals need to be effective leaders to ensure the schools provide quality education for students and ensure great moral among staff and parents.

Going through the motions of getting to the place of school administrative leadership is perfectly fine because we all start somewhere, but you’re not supposed to stay at the bottom for your whole life. There is supposed to be some point where all of our hard work collects itself and cashes in. It’s most commonly called your “big break”. It doesn’t matter to me what you call it, but it does matter how you get to it. [click to continue…]

Getting a Teaching Job Through an Alternate Route Program

The Alternate Route Program is a teacher preparation program which has been designed for aspiring teachers who did not complete a formal teacher education from an accredited college or university. There are steps you need to follow if you want to secure a teaching job through an alternate route program. Here’s how.

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How Do You Differentiate Your Teaching?

Do you know how you would answer this important teaching interview question: How do you differentiate your teaching? It is important that the response you give to the teaching job interview question is truthful, relevant to the position, and shows value to the school district. You want to ensure the panel knows that you understand [...]

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Writing Teachers Cover Letters to Overcome Obstacles

There are many possible situations that may make writing teachers cover letters to overcome obstacles more difficult. These situations can include lay-offs, demotions, long-term unemployment, short time at a position, and medical leave. Although these may seem to be potential red flags to a hiring manager, a cover letter is deemed the perfect place to [...]

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A Winning Teacher Job Fair Strategy

Do you have a winning teacher job fair strategy? A teacher job fair is a function where several schools from different districts come together to scout for new teachers. In such an event, potential teachers receive the chance to showcase their skills and distribute their resumes to different schools. You also get a chance to [...]

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