Secure a Perfect Teaching Job With These Six Steps

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 31, 2014

Secure a perfect teaching job with these six steps. Someone loses their teaching job but it’s not the specific job they are upset about losing, it is the fact that they are now jobless, therefore they will not have any income. Many people hold teaching jobs that they are not particularly attached to or invested in, rather they hang on to it for security and steady income. If you have recently lost your teaching position that fits this description, then read on to discover the six steps that you need to take to secure yourself a better and more satisfying education job.

  • Step 1: Be willing to embrace a simpler lifestyle to increase your career options.

You need to decide what is most important to you – what is your ideal career. If it is most important to you that you maintain your current lifestyle, then salary will be the driving force behind all your decisions; however, if you are open to embracing a simpler lifestyle, this will open up a whole slew of career choices…

Teacher Job Interview Question About Excellence in Teaching

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 30, 2014

Here is a teacher job interview question about excellence in teaching.

This is a very good teacher job interview question and you may be asked it by the interview panel so read on and get prepared.

Remember that in questions like these, there really are no wrong answers. Just be honest, and describe for the panel what you think constitutes excellence in teaching.

The following example is a well-structured response:

A growing body of school research proves conclusively that teachers make a huge difference in student achievement and some teachers are more effective than others. I believe that the main difference between a good teacher and an excellent teacher lies in the fact that an excellent teacher can consistently reach all students, no matter their ability or learning style. [click to continue…]

Teacher Professional Development About Living a Life You Love

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 29, 2014

Teacher professional development about living a life you love. Life is a long, long road we travel. Why not start where you are standing now and blossom outwards from all sides. Your life, your desires within your heart should not be one-way, but should expand from all possible areas that you can make it reach. Think of the endless rewards that can come from that!

Do not let the outlook of the world and the bombardment of doubts deter you. You have to keep your heart in the right place at all times and let it control the true path to your dreams. When your mind tells you to give up, listen to what your heart tells you. If you love what you yearn for, then your heart will not let you falter. [click to continue…]

Teachers Use Job Search Networking To Increase Teaching Job Leads

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 28, 2014

Teachers use job search networking to increase teaching job leads and receive more teaching job interviews. When it comes to job searching for education jobs or any other job the Internet has become the super information highway. Because of this virtual way to job search, many job seekers have forgotten about or don’t use the traditional way of job searching. Don’t rely solely on the Internet when conducting your teacher job search. Old fashion networking is an important job search tool to seek out teaching or other education opportunities. Some people have abandoned the practice of networking to secure a job just because they don’t understand how it works. Networking is much more than sitting at a computer and applying for a job online. [click to continue…]

Three Ways Teachers Can Give Instructions to Students

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 27, 2014

Three Ways Teachers Can Give Instructions to StudentsThere are essentially three ways teachers can give instructions to students. Hopefully these will ensure that your teaching instructions are followed without arguments or confrontation.

The teaching instructions you give to your students are an essential part of any successful behaviour plan. However, you may have noticed that some teachers are listened to while others remain ignored. The key difference lies in the way the instructions are given. Here are three ways to ensure that your teaching instructions will be followed.

1. Instructions must be given in a calm, warm manner.

Kids need boundaries but those boundaries need to be calmly communicated and stated without hostile emotion. This is because shouting and ranting pretty much guarantees more conflict. Kids absolutely hate hostile teachers whose only strategy for dealing with problem behaviour is punishment and shouting. So even though you may be instilling fear, you will more likely be inciting hostility and resentment which can lead to acting out.

Your attitude must be supportive and fair because it is the foundation on which effective classroom management…

Does Your Principal Resume Include Your Unique Selling Point?

by Candace Alstad - Davies on October 27, 2014

Hiring Manager Looking at a Job-Winning Resume

Does your principal resume include your unique selling point?

Superintendents and principals and the hiring recruitment team take approximately 10 -20 seconds to glance over each principal resume that crosses their desk. This means that your time is precious and your principal resume needs to be focused on that position to grab the reader’s attention, as quickly as possible… and hold on to it.

Decision makers are looking to find out the answer to this one, all important, question: “What makes you so special…and why should I care?”

We can call this your unique selling point, or value proposition or brand.

If, within this 10 second window, you can provide clear, concise, and compelling answers to…

Teachers Implement Integrated Activities Within the Curriculum

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Follow Your Dreams by Changing Careers to Teaching

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Share Your Unique Selling Point at a Teacher Job Interview

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Instructional Teacher Tools Imperative in the Classroom

This post will give you information on how to answer a teacher interview question about three instructional teacher tools imperative in the classroom. This is a very good teacher job interview question and you may be asked it by the interview panel so read on and get prepared. As you know, the importance of having […]

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