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Teaching Job Market in New York

Teaching Job Market in New York

The teaching job market in New York will vary… so when you are planning to find a teaching position in the state of New York, it is best to find out about the teaching job market and tailor your resume and cover letter accordingly.

At present, there are over three million students, and these numbers continue to increase annually since this state has over four thousand schools offering diverse work opportunities for aspiring teachers.

To meet the teaching job market’s qualifications in New York, you need to enhance your skills and eligibility because although there are plenty of job opportunities, there is also increasingly stiff competition. This is because of the promising salaries for New York teachers, one of the highest in the country. As of 2009 – 2010, the National Education Association estimated the average salaries of teachers in this state to be around $71,470.

So for you to have the right set of skills and aptitude for a teaching position in New York, you need to learn a few techniques that will help you stay ahead of the competition and, in turn, increase your chances for employment as a teacher in this state.

Here’s how:

  • The first thing you need to know is how to become flexible while taking up supplemental courses and certifications to enhance your teaching credentials. You don’t have to focus on one field of specialization. If you do, you may be limiting yourself regarding employment opportunities. Make it a priority to add other special certifications to your eligibility like mathematics, Health and Science, English, and other subjects. Certain states like New York are experiencing a high demand for certain subject areas, and so it will be to your advantage to have the right teaching certifications for these key areas.
  • Even if you have already obtained a teaching position in New York, continue to complete your specialized training and coursework for your subject area and other specializations like teaching English to non-native students. Not only will this provide you with added work opportunities, but it will also look good on your resume since most school administrators today are looking for applicants who are capable of being assigned to a wide variety of teaching areas.
  • Networking with other professionals can also improve your chances of obtaining a teaching position in New York. This is an excellent way to obtain exceptional reference letters you can use on your application and inside information as to where there are available teaching opportunities within the state.

Although there are teaching opportunities in New York as dictated by the teaching job market in this state, it is still important to improve your edge against your competition. The teaching requirements and qualifications in this state are extremely competitive because of the growing number of aspiring teachers. If you want to increase your employability rate, you need to have better qualifications and eligibility when compared to other applicants.