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How to Write a Thank You Letter After Your Teaching Interview

how to write a thank you letter after your teaching interview

I hope you reach this blog post because you just finished an excellent job interview for your dream teaching position.  You must have wowed the interview committee with concise yet thorough responses to a range of interview questions.  Maybe you completed a mock demo lesson with flying colors.

Hopefully, you loved the campus, and you look forward to getting a job offer.

Do you think you’ve done all you can?

Nope, there is still more to do if you wish to secure a job offer!

Following up with a thank you letter after your interview is an important part of completing your interview successfully and making a great impression on your committee.

Why a Thank You Letter is Important

Don’t view sending a thank you letter as corny or not necessary. If you are on a competitive list of candidates and probably will be, you need to send one. Consider this, how will the committee respond if you fail to send a thank-you note and another candidate does?

When a competitive pool of candidates is pulling out all the stops to get the offer letter, you have to send a thank-you note.

An effective thank you letter sent directly after your teaching interview will help you make the most of this opportunity to communicate your value and professionalism and get your name in front of your interviewers’ eyes once more before making a final decision.

Your influential, sincere thank you letter can make all the difference to secure a job offer or another interview.

Create a Unique, Tailored Thank You Letter

Some people may refer to this as a follow-up letter. There are a few powerful concepts that you can use to construct a message to match the requirements of the job and your qualifications. Your teacher resume and teacher thank you letter will act as bookends for the interview process.

While the content of your resume and your interview performance will sell you as the perfect fit for the position, you should not stop there. Take the winning streak further and build on it by creating a thank you note that will land a teaching job offer.

Great Thank-You Notes Accomplish the Following Tasks

  • Express your appreciation for the time the interviewer gave you.
  • Remind the school representatives how you can specifically provide value to the school district and its students.
  • Include information about your experience with handling the concerns discussed in the interview.
  • Add information about topics that you hadn’t dealt with well in the teaching job interview to tie up loose ends.
  • Reaffirm your interest in the teaching or whatever other education position for which you applied.
  • Your thank-you note’s content is not the only important thing you should concentrate on when preparing a letter. Also, focus on layout, style, readability, and visual appeal.
  • If you have applied for a critical position, a typed letter can be memorable and impressive. Send the letter by or overnight service; even better, drop it off in person, if feasible.
  • The thank you letter should be brief, no longer than a single page.
  • Thank you notes can also be sent through email, especially if the school district uses electronic communications. Ensure that you use professionalism and the same care for the email thank you letter as you would use otherwise.
  • Send the thank you letter within 24 hours of the interview for the best results.

Before you write that thank you note, you have to have an interview.  Let us help you make sure your resume will stand out for all the right reasons.  Check out our resume packages here. We also offer a range of eBooks designed to help you maximize your teacher job search.