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A Teacher Job Fair Interview Can Secure a Teaching Job

a teacher job fair interview can secure a teaching job

A teacher job fair interview could land you a teaching job offer on the spot, or at least secure a formal interview at the school or school district.

Make the most of an education career fair by using these job search tips to find the best teaching job leads.

First and foremost, research the school districts that will be present. Before you even head out to a teacher job fair, make a list of the school communities of interest and conduct research to learn critical points about each one.

Learn how to stand out at a teacher job fair by being prepared for any interview questions you could be asked.

Pinpoint the school districts and determine what they are looking for in a new teacher and the teaching skills and credentials they require.

What do you want out of the teacher job fair interview?  The next step in getting ready for a teaching career hiring event is to prepare appropriately. Preparing to meet and speak with the school district representatives at the career fair will ensure you walk up to the booth and interview with the hiring authorities or school principal with confidence.

Before Attending a Teaching Job Fair Ask Yourself These Questions

Are you:

  • Just going to see what kinds of opportunities are available in the current teacher job market?
  • Seriously considering applying for a teaching job?
  • An excellent education candidate for the positions of interest?

Once you have established which category you fall into,  you can mentally prepare yourself by doing the proper research on the school districts you want to interview. There will be hundreds or thousands of new preservice, career changers, and experienced veteran teachers attending career fairs, so standing out for the right reasons is vital to get results.

If you are seriously seeking employment as a teacher, you must dress the part, wearing appropriate business attire. If you are a male, then slacks, a collared shirt, and even a blazer are suitable. If you are a woman, a business dress, blouse, pants, or skirt and a suit jacket would be good choices. Make sure your interviewing clothes are clean and ironed before you leave your house. Double-check to ensure the buttons and zippers are not loose.

Anything too short, tight, or revealing is not appropriate. No excessive jewelry, hairspray, perfume, and no “wild” hairstyles. Wear good-fitting, comfortable shoes; you will probably be on your feet for the whole day.

Questions to Ask While at a School District’s Booth.

Once you have pinpointed the school districts with teacher jobs available that are of interest and are qualified for, prepare a few questions that you would like to ask the hiring representative, the school principal. The questions you will ask the school hiring representatives will depend on what you learned from researching the school before the job fair.

Researching the school and school district is critical to landing a second interview or a teaching position on the spot. You don’t want to inquire about something where the answer is available on the school district’s website.

If you do, they will know you didn’t do your homework. A question may be:

  • Can you tell me about the students that attend the schools within the school district?
  • How can I best reach you to follow up on available positions?
  • Do you have a business card?

Before Submitting the Teaching Resume You Create Double Check It

Make sure your resume is in tip-top shape and up to date with your skills, credentials, education, recent employment, and accomplishments. Furthermore, ensure your resume is free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, and its content flows smoothly and in a visually appealing and professional way. Make an excellent impression when you meet the hiring representative by professionally presenting your current teacher-focused resume and letter of intent.

Ensure your resume and cover letter show your personality, include keywords, relevant accomplishments, and highlight your unique selling points. If they do, you have a solid chance of getting a formal teaching job interview at a later date or even landing a position on the spot.

Triple Check the Resume Contact Information.

If you do not update your resume regularly and revise it before a job fair, as simple as it may seem, you can overlook your contact information.  Make sure your resume includes your current and accurate home address, phone number, and email address.

Triple check your information; you do not want to miss an opportunity because a school district representative couldn’t get in contact with you.

There is an enormous benefit from preparing for a teacher job fair interview – you may just get offered a new teaching position on the spot.

Interview Questions Asked by Job Fair Recruitment Specialists

The job interview questions the school principal or hiring representatives could ask you are vast. These interviewers want to determine your education philosophy, thoughts on classroom environment, strengths and weakness, and your experience with lesson plans.

Below are some common questions asked at a career fair:

Describe your ideas classroom?

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

What grade level do you prefer to teach and why?

Why do you want to work for our school or school district?

Tell me what you know about our school district?

What are your top three strengths?

How do these strengths benefit the students and school community?

Please provide an example that shows you have those three strengths.

Why are you looking for a new teaching position?

What is your philosophy of classroom management?

If you are interested in more teacher-specific interview questions and potential answers, you should consider purchasing the A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge; it contains 152 teaching-related interview questions with sample responses. The eBook also includes five MS Word thank you letter templates to send to the interviewer after the job interview, plus many other resources and checklists.

It’s an instant PDF download.