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Writing a Resume for a Teaching Postion Can be Hard

writing a teacher resume for an effective job search can be harder than you think

Writing an attention-grabbing resume for a teaching position will be an important part of planning your future career and knowing where it is headed. Before you take the plunge into the world of job searching, I would like to give you one word of caution.

Creating a resume for an effective, stress-free job search can be harder than you think. It’s important not to get overwhelmed.

If it has been a while since you have updated your resume, you will certainly want to refresh your resume to maximize results.

Writing Tips to Get Your Resume is Up-to-date And Top-notch

1. Check your career objectives. Are they the same as your last job search?

Ensure your resume will reflect the industry or profession that you are seeking. A resume mustn’t be simply a history of your employment. Your job search documents should target the position you are seeking.

Writing a resume to apply for special education teaching positions is different than creating a resume for a literacy coach.

Most job seekers making a career change have a tough time uncovering and communicating transferable skills and accomplishments. Don’t make the mistake of using the same resume and objectives for each job. If the job posting states, they’re looking for someone with administrative experience, listing your time as a student-teacher won’t do much good.

Weed out any old information, and keep different resumes to target particular jobs. Each resume would highlight various skills and attributes.

2. Is your resume format outdated and uninspiring?

As you grow in your profession, you must have a resume to reflect your professionalism and current resume style. There are many amazing sophisticated formats today to highlight your career achievements.

The days of the old boring standard resume formats are history. Stand out from the hundreds of resumes received by an employer daily with a unique resume with powerful content. Creativity, eye-catching formatting, and the ability to use keywords effectively are what will get you in the door.

Explore new, clean fonts that are much easier on the eye than the standard Times New Roman. Add a primary-colored border if it feels right. Be creative while still maintaining a polished appearance.

Review our teacher resume samples.

3. Have you added new employment, skills, and accomplishments?

Refreshing your resume and keeping it up-to-date is essential. A career opportunity may spring up, and you need to be prepared to act quickly.

Keep your resume current to ensure you don’t miss out on any career opportunities. Ensure your added responsibilities — or even promotions — have been reflected on your resume. Career accomplishments are critical to include in your resume, don’t miss this essential ingredient.

 Update your resume as soon as you complete any major projects to showcase your accomplishments. Don’t let too much time go by before documenting your successes or you risk omitting them altogether.

4. Job lingo and keeping keywords up-to-date

It is probably unbelievable to most people, but industry jargon, buzzwords, and technology change almost daily. Incorporating relevant keywords in the content of your teacher resume will be paramount to landing interviews.

Review job postings and even school district websites to keep updated on the latest trends in keywords and even in interviewing techniques. Browse around job sites, even if you’re not on “the hunt” right now, to see what’s new in the industry. Professional development is a proactive way of staying up-to-date on new key phrases. Attend seminars, webinars, conferences, talks, and meetings whenever possible.

Keeping your resume and cover letter updated and “ready to go” is a fabulous way to ensure you don’t miss career opportunities that may arise during the year. When your resume is prepared, there are many things to consider when posting your resume online.

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Happy hunting!