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How to Include Keywords in a Resume for a Teaching Job

How to Include Keywords in a Resume for a Teaching Job

Including specific teacher or principal keywords in a resume and cover letter is critical to ensuring your resume receives a thumbs up from the applicant tracking system.

If selected by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the chances of receiving an interview will skyrocket.

Many schools and organizations use digital databases to search for educational candidates to call for a teacher or administrator interview.

Consequently, the human resource or personnel recruitment department will search queries based on specific keywords or catchphrases to find those teaching candidates with the specific skills they are looking to recruit.

If your teaching resume doesn’t have those targeted keywords that the district or school is scanning for, you will be screened out even before they have seen your resume. Your cover letter is also a perfect place to incorporate keywords without making it apparent to the reader.

Many school districts and organizations have turned to applicant trackings systems to screen applicants. The number of resumes they receive could make it virtually impossible for employers to sift through the hundreds of resumes they receive for one elementary teaching position.

Putting applicant resumes into a database to search out those containing the desired keywords will help employers narrow down the field with minimal effort. An estimated 80% of organizations are searching for job-specific keywords as a way to sift through applications.

The keywords employers are searching for are usually nouns. Even though action verbs are still an important part of your resume for communicating your job accomplishments, school districts are concerned about what you know concerning teaching methods and subject knowledge.

Words like: classroom management, learning styles, differentiated instruction, multicultural thematic units, Individualized Education Plans, and multisensory lessons are all possible keywords.

Teaching keywords are similar to buzzwords in the educational industry. They are widely used in the sector to indicate the applicant’s knowledge of their profession. When you include keywords in your resume, employers will see you know the language of your profession.

Using these nouns will significantly increase your employability rate and the chance you have of securing the teaching position for which you are applying.

It is even better if you incorporate keywords into your career accomplishments. This method of including these words will show employers that you have knowledge of these concepts and have used these concepts to achieve results in your classroom.

There are lots of options for selecting your teaching keywords to use in your resume. Check the job description and related postings to determine what words the school representatives programmed the applicant tracking system to screen.

They will often list several keywords in their job descriptions as they describe their ideal candidate. You can also look at your teaching experience, the set of skills, qualifications, personal achievements, and accomplishments.

You can see professional development initiatives you recently completed, like workshops, seminars, and courses on new teaching methods. Incorporate significant keywords associated with your academic career goals, learning discipline, and other activities to make your resume stand out from the rest.

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