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What to Include in Your Resume for Teaching Abroad

What to include in your resume for teaching abroad.

These resume writing tips will help you to create a resume for landing a job teaching abroad. What details to include and not include in your resume is critical to securing an international teaching position.

If you have ever applied for a new teaching post, you will understand the importance of having a quality resume. A resume is the first impression a school representative will get of you. Usually, the school will decide whether to interview a candidate based solely on a resume and cover letter.

Resumes can be crucial for individuals applying to teach internationally. If you are applying for a job outside of your home country, your resume may be the only thing your employer sees before you meet to sign a job contract.

When applying to be an international teacher, include the following things in your resume:

Resume Objective is to Teach Abroad

When you apply to teach internationally, employers often wonder why you want to take a job far from home. Be sure to compose a clear and concise objective to explain your reason for wishing to teach abroad.

Ensure your resume objective or profile summary communicates your desire to help students succeed. Schools do not want to see an opening statement on a resume to indicate you wish to travel the world or desire to get out of the boring town you were born in.

While both might drive you to seek the job, they will surely not convince the school to hire you.

There are many tips to find the perfect international teaching job, but having a solid resume will help immensely.

List Language Expertise or Knowledge

In the skills section, list any languages you speak, even if it is just conversationally. If the language you speak is not the native tongue of the country you are applying to, the fact you can learn a language could help a school decide you would be a good choice. A school may be less inclined to hire you if you have never known any other language.

Mention Previous Travel Experience

You do not need to include every vacation you have ever taken, but any trips abroad are relevant. It is meaningful to mention if you studied abroad during your schooling.

Schools abroad may favor interviewing a candidate who is a more seasoned traveler. They often see previous travels as an indication that the prospective employee will not quickly become homesick and can commit to the job. They need to know you can adjust to teaching in another environment.

Consider Translating

If you are applying to work in a country where English is not the primary language, you should consider having your resume translated. Employers in Germany would be very impressed by a resume they received from an American written in German.

Having your resume translated shows that you are committed to the position for which you are applying. It communicates you are willing to go that extra mile. A poorly translated resume is worse than a resume that isn’t; if you submit a translated version, ensure the altered version is professional.

Teaching abroad presents a unique opportunity to see the world. It is not feasible for most individuals to quit their day job and jet around the globe. If you teach abroad, you can see the world without putting your career on hold.

Not only will you have something to offer the students, but you will have a chance to add to your knowledge.