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5 Phone Interview Tips to Land a Second Education Interview

5 phone interview tips to land a second education interview

Incorporating these phone interview tips will increase your chances of securing a second interview for the education position you desire. Preparation is the key component to ace the job interview. Get ready now if you are in an active job search.

More and more schools are deciding to interview candidates over the phone, especially if the prospective teacher lives in another city or state. Telephone interviews have unique advantages and disadvantages.

Even though a phone interview may seem easier than a regular interview on the surface, it can actually be quite hard. Projecting your personality without having the advantage of face-to-face contact can be challenging. You must rely solely on your voice to make a connection with your interviewer.

If you are properly prepared for the conversation with these phone interview tips, you have the advantage of being able to have notes right in front of you. The comfort of familiar surroundings could work to your advantage. As well, most tips that apply to face-to-face interviews can assist you in telephone interviews. That being said, there are extra things you can do to ensure a successful phone interview.

Phone Interview Tips to Show You are a Serious Candidate

Eliminate Distractions

Settle in a quiet place away from people, TV, pets, etc. If you have a home office, use it and close the door. Not only will these things distract you, but the interviewer may hear them through the phone and find them distracting, or if they hear a TV for, for instance, wonder how seriously you are taking the interview. Eliminating distractions will enable you to keep 100% focused on the job interview.

Be Energetic and Smile While Speaking

Enthusiasm should project into your voice and validate you are excited about the position. Your goal should be to convey to the interviewer that you are an upbeat and outgoing person. In a phone interview, all an interviewer has to go on regarding your personality is your voice.

Bring your enthusiasm, professionalism, optimism, and friendliness through the phone. Pay close attention to your tone because a note of irritation or frustration in your voice will be much more noticeable over the phone.

Tailor Your Responses

You are apt to get many scripted questions in a phone interview, so try to answer each question in a specific way to that particular school or teaching position. Your goal should be to show how your skills and teaching philosophy will benefit the specific position. Please read up on the school/district to determine their goals, objectives, and mission during the preparation stage. In the interview, you can have notes on the school in front of you to refer to when necessary.

Personal Connection with the Interviewer

Getting a personal connection via the phone can be harder than in person. It’s necessary to make a lasting impression to move ahead in the hiring selection process. Marketing yourself to the school will involve talking about how your specific skills and personality will solve problems and build the school community. Attempt to change the interview tone from a question-answer situation to a discussion of the present situation of the school and what you can bring to the table to improve things.

Be Confident and Leave the Interview with an Open Invitation to Continue Talking

Express interest in continuing the conversation at a later date. This will help the interviewer to know you want to get to know them better.

If you follow these phone interview tips, you will likely successfully set yourself apart from the other prospective teachers.