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What Is Your Idea of the Perfect Lesson?

What Is Your Idea of the Perfect Lesson?

Here is a teacher interview question: ‘what is your idea of the perfect lesson?’

This is a teacher interview question you will want to be prepared for, along with an example of the ideal lesson you did teach.

My idea of the perfect classroom lesson is a lesson where all students are actively engaged in meaningful learning for the lesson’s entirety.

Effectively, an excellent lesson is one that successfully runs through all sections of the entire lesson plan flawlessly.

Going further in-depth with this idea, my perfect lesson would reach the lesson plan’s clearly defined objectives and meet the district/state standards. It would include a successful anticipatory set to tap into their prior knowledge and give the objectives a context.

When presenting my lesson’s concepts during the direct instruction, it would go smoothly with no interruptions. Next, I would have a guided practice section where students would be given a chance to practice and apply their skills in a fun and engaging activity.

All students would enjoy their learning experience; every lesson introduced would be differentiated with excellence for all my students’ strengths, abilities, and interests.

In the ending closure section of my lesson, when I give the lesson concepts further meaning in a perfect lesson, my students will have retained all that had been covered when I lead a class discussion and ask some creative questions about the lesson.

Ultimately, my idea of the perfect lesson would be to perform at my best as a teacher. Although life is organic and we can, therefore, not always know the best way to reach all our students, it is always my goal to provide my students with the perfect lesson where they all can be actively engaged and interested in the learning experience and where they all are appropriately challenged to the best of their ability.

Illustrate your idea of the perfect lesson. Please comment below on how you would answer this question in a job interview.