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Teacher Job Interview Questions Can be Asked in Different Ways

What Are the Different Ways Teacher Job Interview Questions Can be Asked?

Teacher job interview questions can be divided into two basic categories – specific job interview questions related to the specific school where you worked. For these interview questions, honesty and positivity are vital when you accurately describe yourself as an educator.

With teacher job interview questions related to the school or school district, you will need to perform research on the institution before your interview to make informed responses to these questions.

Guidelines for Answering Interview Questions

 Answering Personal Interview Questions

Interviewers ask personal questions to gauge what type of faculty member you will be. They may ask you about your work ethic, personal character, and any possible issues regarding your resume.

The interviewer may ask you to explain any gaps in your employment to determine what you were doing during those breaks. Your response can help them determine whether you are likely to stay committed to the available teaching position.

When answering this type of teacher job interview question, make sure to explain why you were away from work. Mention what you did during that time – making sure to mention all productive activities you took part in, like volunteer work or professional development. Stress your commitment to and enjoyment of teaching.

If you are or have been a career-changer, an interviewer will likely ask you about this decision. Once again, make sure to fully explain your situation and reasoning for making the career change, always making sure to stress your interest and dedication to teaching.

How to Answer Teacher Interview Questions Related to School Research

An important section of your interview will consist of questions related to the school. The hiring committee is trying to find out whether you’ve done your homework, as well as whether or not you’d make a good fit in their environment. So in preparation for the interview, research the school, its district, and what makes it unique.

A very typical question that an interviewer may ask you would be: “why do you want to work for our school district?” They will ask you this question to accurately find out what research you’ve done into the school.

Knowledge of the school and the job shows the interviewer that you are interested and demonstrates initiative on your part as well. When answering, you should mention as many positive features as you can about the school, trying to be as specific as possible. Try to tie in your answer to why you’d make a good fit.

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