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How Do You Make Classroom Lessons Interesting and Interactive?

How Do You Make Classroom Lessons Interesting and Interactive?

If you were asked this teacher interview question, would you know how to answer it: How do you make lessons exciting and interactive?

It is essential the response you give to the job interview question is truthful, relevant to the position, and shows value to the school district. The following could be a possible answer, or it may provide ideas for you to tailor your response:

One of the basics of teaching is to conduct lessons that interest students. Bored students won’t remember much of the experience and won’t remain focused and active. A meaningful way of keeping lessons interesting is to include interactive activities.

Lecture-based lessons are not interactive and can easily make students bored and disinterested in the material. Students will optimize their learning when they are actively engaged and when the activities are based on their interests and learning levels.

I, therefore, try to refrain from giving lecture-based lessons. Although it is sometimes necessary to incorporate some lectures into a lesson, I either break up the lecture time by incorporating activities and games in between. I limit my lecture time to no more than 20 minutes while including questions and class discussions to keep it interactive.

I create engaging lessons by adding games and real-life objects such as props, manipulatives, and art activities. I make lessons more interesting by applying content to applicable contextual meanings. I relate my teaching materials to daily usage and practical examples.

By providing appropriate applications, students will be able to remember them better and longer and see the relevance of learning the material.

It is vital to students’ socialization and development to interact with each other and in whole-class settings regularly. To this end, I incorporate: class discussions; group discussions; pair work; cooperative learning groups; learning stations; whole class educational games such as jeopardy, trivial pursuit, and around-the-world; class plays; role-playing; and circle time to encourage cooperation, participation, active learning, and fun in my lessons.

Students learn best when they are interested and fully engaged in the lesson. I always try my best to incorporate fun and different activities into my lessons to achieve the results needed.