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How Do You Help Students Achieve Academic Success?

How Do You Help Students Achieve Academic Success

How do you help students achieve academic success? Creating responses to teaching questions like this one will help you prepare for your next teacher job interview.

Question 1)  How do You Support Gifted or Exceptional Students?

Always provide exceptional students with increasingly challenging activities and assignments. For instance, if they have finished their classwork ahead of the other students, provide them with tasks suited for higher grade levels.

Great teachers naturally want to help students achieve academic success, making it easy for them to differentiate the instruction to meet all learners.

To make certain that the classroom remains inclusive and heterogeneous, introduce group activities that encompass a broad range of students per group, and delegate the most exceptional student as the group leader, thus increasing their leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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A teacher may also organize extracurricular activities designed to encourage and strengthen exceptional students’ unique gifts; assign certain administrative tasks; establish pull-out programs utilized once a day or weekly; initiate an advanced placement program; or adopt the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

How You Help Students Achieve Academic Success

Question 2) How Do You Incorporate Effective Vocabulary Building Techniques?

When teaching students new vocabulary, it is important to stay away from rote memorization. Instead, students should learn to make sense of the new words as they connect to concepts they already know.

To help students retain new vocabulary for the long-term, try to incorporate exposure to the words in different contexts, including reading, KWL Organizers, Videos, Venn Diagrams, Hands-On Exploration, Illustrations, Vocabulary Lists, and having students explain the new words in their own terms.

Some graphic organizers you can use are concept definition maps, vocabulary concept cards, Venn diagrams, and mind maps. These are very useful for students to learn vocabulary words in different contexts, helping them retain the words more easily.

How do you help students achieve academic success? Reading Rockets website has excellent ideas for motivating students to achieve academic success.

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