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How to Create a Student Behavioral Philosophy That Is Positive

How to Create a Student Behavioral Philosophy That Is Positive

Do you know how to answer a teacher job interview question on student behavioral philosophy and student discipline?

Kids do misbehave. It’s an indisputable fact. But, the student behavioral levels in our schools and society have deteriorated to deficient levels.

What can we, as teachers, do about it? The challenge is to figure out how to keep students motivated and focused in the classroom.

It has become way too easy to blame misbehaving children on their parents. Even though inadequate parenting definitely plays a role, we can’t say it is the only cause. Children today are subject to more outside influences than ever before. Today’s media is a global and ever-present force that is a potentially destructive influence that can’t be ignored and will never go away.

Today, children of all ages and from all backgrounds are being exposed daily to foul language, violence, and smut through television, print, the internet, and film. Even though exposure to this type of material is not guaranteed to transform every child into a delinquent or violent sex fiend, it has to be recognized that it will affect these impressionable minds.

Young children are taking in all kinds of mature content that they don’t fully understand and then mimicking it in their everyday lives. Children rhyme off lines from adult movies or rap music without fully comprehending their meanings.

The bottom line, some children mimic what they see and hear in the media and older children. It does matter what children are exposed to; it will ultimately shape how they view the world and how they act.

Bad behavior is now a huge problem faced by everyone who deals with children, whatever the cause. So, do we give up? Throw our hands in the air and accept that the problem is out of control? We cannot admit defeat; that would be failing the children. We have to be more creative in the ways we approach to discipline and make an effort to reach each child.