Preschool Teacher Resume Sample - Page 2

Page two of this Preschool Teacher resume example effectively demonstrates how the client has helped students blossom and grow, while developing a love for learning. Sally is keen on providing one-on-one support to ensure all students reach their full potential, which we have highlighted and focused on. She is also dedicated to communicating with parents and encouraging parental involvement which is an important part of early childhood education.

The second page of her resume continues to show her teaching skills and experience as a paraprofessional, kindergarten teacher, and assistant teacher. Even though these past positions might not be specifically within preschool classrooms, her experience working with young children in different situations and classrooms has been emphasized.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

Following her teaching experience section, we have highlighted her professional development, technical skills, and volunteer experience. Sally is committed to professional development, so we have included a separate section listing the courses and workshops she has attended. It's important to showcase your commitment to your own development as an educator, especially if you've been dedicating to improving your skills in your specific teaching area. If you have current CPR and First Aid certification, don't forget to list these as well, as we have on the first page of the resume.

We have also implemented an area dedicated to her technical proficiencies, many of which can be successfully utilized within the preschool setting. In this day and age, technology is becoming more and more important. So, if you have technical proficiencies, it's important to highlight these in your resume. Sally has showcased her related technical skills with important education related technologies, such as Bailey's Book House, Barnyard Sing A Long, Jump Start, and Creative Wonder.

Lastly, this preschool educator resume incorporates volunteer experience, which shows the client's dedication to the local community. Sally's keyword-rich preschool resume is sure to grab the attention of a hiring administrator and encourage him or her to offer this teaching candidate a job interview.

If you are an early childhood teachers, you could read about how to discover the key to writing an early childhood teacher resume.

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Preschool Teacher Resume Sample - Page 2

I encourage you to view the preschool teacher cover letter that complements this resume. It's important to introduce yourself to a potential school as a talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic early childhood educator.

This in-depth article will give you additional tips and valuable information about creating a strong resume for a preschool teacher.

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