Media Specialist / Librarian  Resume Sample - Page 2

This media specialist / school librarian resume example highlights Heidi's past job responsibilities on the second page of her resume, as well as her related achievements. It is clear this job candidate has succeeded in the various programs, lessons, and activities in which she has endeavored.

Her previous school experience as a Media Specialist and Librarian are highlighted on the second page of her resume. We've used the same formatting as her current position, and you will notice that she has strong accomplishments highlighted for this teaching position as well. Even though both positions were the same role, the descriptions under each position are different to showcase the different nuances of each position and to ensure a school knows all of the skills and experiences she has gained from her different positions.

An example of the strong accomplishments that have been included under Heidi's experiences, include: "Planned and coordinated annual summer literacy programs for students; overall success of program generated an overwhelming response from students, teachers, and parents". This bullet not only states what she accomplished, but also describes what the result was. This is known as C.A.R. – Challenge, Action, Result. Always keep this in mind when coming up with your own accomplishments for your resume.

Another excellent document to submit with your cover letter resume for a school librarian media specialist is a digital leadership statement, we call it an added marketing document. Educators with strong expertise in information technology can increase interviews by adding this type of philosophy statement to their job application package.

Following Heidi's work experience, we've included her professional affiliations as well as the technology programs she's familiar with. It's important to show that she is dedicated to her profession by holding memberships in leading organizations related to school libraries and media specialists.

We've utilized a strong second page header that clearly displays Heidi's name in large, bold letters as well as the fact that this is the second page of her resume. This will help to ensure that her resume remains together when printed. As well, we have included a section header that explains to the reader that we are continuing on with the professional experience section.

Have you noticed the border yet? We have given Heidi a shadow border, which is rarely used by teaching candidates who develop their own resume. However, this visual effect will surely catch the reader's eye, and make Heidi stand out from the other job applicants.

Since Heidi is a media specialist, this sample education resume does a perfect job of highlighting her technology expertise and integration. The reader is not at all left wondering what she has to offer, but is instead thrilled by the experience and skills she will bring to the school.

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Librarian / Media Cover Resume Sample - Page 2

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