Elementary Teacher Resume Sample - Page 2

On page two of this incredible elementary educator resume, we have continued with a diamond-shaped bullet point format. This may seem like a minimal feature, but it is one more element that makes Donna-Marie's job application document stand out from the competition.

The achievements listed next to each bullet point demonstrate her ability to promote reading, integrate technology, and actively engage students in the learning process. Achievements are the most important part of a resume, so make sure to include them in your elementary teacher resume. Instead of just listing your duties and skills, accomplishments show what you have done for a school in the past, letting a potential school know what you can do for them in the future.

Teachers Resume Writing Process

Achievements should follow the C.A.R. method: challenge, action, result. What was a challenge you faced, what actions did you take to solve it, and what was the result? For instance, in Donna-Marie's resume, one of her accomplishments is as follows: conceptualized, developed, and supervised student-run publishing center, publishing students' independent work through a wide range of mediums.

You will also notice that the second page has included a page header that contains her name and the page number. This is important, as all pages of your application should contain your name, and by including the page number, this ensures that your resume will remain intact with all pages included.

The last quarter of Donna-Marie's elementary resume demonstrates her commitment to career and professional development, community involvement, and once more, technology integration.

If you have a lot of professional development courses that you've completed, only list the most recent courses you've completed or the most pertinent to the position. As well, you will notice that the community involvement listed in Donna-Marie's resume is related to teaching. You don't need to list community involvement that is not related to teaching – especially if you are trying to save space on your resume.

This is an unforgettable sample elementary teacher resume, which will ensure the reader comes back to it and offers the candidate a job interview.

Click here, for a new window with both pages of this resume in PDF format.

Elementary Teacher Resume Sample - Page 2

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