Assistant Principal Resume Sample - Page 2

Rupert has an almost endless list of administrative qualifications and teaching credentials that he can showcase on his assistant principal resume or vice principal resume. We've made sure to include his career development, committee memberships, and the parent and teacher programs he has facilitated.

Page two of this resume continues on with Rupert's accomplishments from his assistant principal role. We've included a page header with Rupert's name and the page number, as well as a heading "Administrative Experience Continued" to let the reader know that these bullet points are still part of the same job experience.

His accomplishments that we've highlighted continue to be extremely strong achievement, with examples of what he has accomplished for his past school community that include: "Developed a solid cohesive educational team by setting high expectations and encouraging team approach; established committees to address school issues and goals, promoting creativity and career development to all staff, allowing ideas and opinions to be shared".

Following his administrative experience is his past teaching experiences. They've been listed with the roles and dates without further details because they are older experiences with less importance than his recent administrative role. It is still important to have them listed, however, because it shows he is also a talented educator with lots of experience in the classroom. These skills will benefit him when dealing with his teaching staff.

His resume ends with three more short sections listing his career development or professional development, committee memberships or professional organizations, and the parenting and teacher programs he has facilitated. These are all organized in lists that are easy for the reader to read. It's always important to include your professional development because it shows that you are dedicated toward your improvement as an education professional and that you remain up-to-date on important methods. Listing the committees that he is either involved in or chairs shows his commitment to his school community and ability to lead and participate in a variety of different school issues. Lastly, the programs he has facilitated deserve their own section because he has coordinated so many. This is definitely a strength of his and so should be adequately highlighted.

This educational administrator resume is presented in a very professional and visually-appealing manner. We have utilized a border that is simple, yet attractive and effective. The layout of this sample assistant principal resume draws the eye to key information, while making it easy for the reader to interpret.

We have also designed a cover letter to match, which complements the resume very well and encourages the interviewer to take a closer look at the administrator candidate. You can view it here.

Click here, for a new window with both pages of this resume in PDF format.

Assistant Principal Resume Sample - Page 2

See the assistant principal cover letter that complements this resume.

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