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Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Interviews or Job Offers

Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Interviews or Job Offers

Are you not getting the job interviews or offers you were expecting? Don’t despair. You can make adjustments to increase the response you get after submitting your resume and cover letter.

Part of my time is spent answering visitors’ or newsletter subscribers’ emails containing questions or concerns about job searching, interviews, job applications, and of course, resume and cover letter writing. Many times, job seekers wonder ask why they are not getting interviews.

Here is a recent question from a visitor — not one of my clients.

Question: After getting passed over for teacher job interviews, I asked for a meeting with the Assistant Principal and Director of Human Resources at school to determine why. To my knowledge, I’m very qualified for the position(s) available and still don’t get a second job interview or a teaching job offer.

Answer: Meeting with the Assistant Director of Human Resources is an excellent first step to improving your success rate in landing an interview. While meeting with the assistant director, try to get their honest feedback on why they may be overlooking you. Try not to show your frustration and be as positive as possible.

Ask as many questions as you need to ascertain your job application areas you may need to work on to get noticed.

Without seeing your resume, it is hard to pinpoint the exact reason you are not securing interviews. Usually, if you are not getting interviews, the problem lies in your application — specifically your resume and cover letter. There is always a question you could ask if you didn’t get the job.

What could I do to make myself more valuable to your school district or organization?

Not Getting Interviews: Items to Look for When Reviewing Your Resume

Clear Job Target

If you are applying for a teaching job, make sure your resume is clearly focused on the type of position you wish to secure. An example of focusing your resume: if you want an elementary teaching position but had some experience as a higher education instructor, you would focus on elementary teaching skills, abilities, and relevant achievements.

Don’t include terminology used in higher education. These two levels of teaching require different skills. Ensure the reader knows you want an elementary teaching job and communicate with the correct terms to have the ability and credentials to be an elementary teacher. At the same time, don’t leave off your higher education instructing experience — it is still relevant and essential.

The cover letter must also target the position you wish to apply for. Your career documents must showcase teaching skills and talents and highlight relevant accomplishments as they apply to the position you wish to secure.

Teacher-Related Buzzwords and Keywords:

Including keywords related to the position is critical to getting your resume into human hands. Many school districts will sort through applications electronically. The applicant tracking systems will look for pertinent education words about teaching methods.

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Resume and Cover Letter Visual Appeal:

Your teaching job search documents need to be eye-appealing to your reader. They need to stand out for all the right reasons. Human resources take about 30 seconds per application to review a resume, so they must navigate your resume easily. Use consistent formatting throughout your documents, never underestimate the importance of white space, and utilize lists and charts to display the most vital information you want them to read.

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Injecting personality and passion into your cover letter is often an overlooked and critical aspect of getting job interviews. Don’t underestimate the power of showcasing your authenticity by communicating passion in your application letter.

Review teacher, school principal, and other educational professional resume and cover letter samples.

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