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Why Career Networking is Important to Secure a Teaching Job Offer

Why Career Networking is Important to Secure a Teaching Job Offer

In education and the professional world, who you know is almost as important as what you know. Your ability to network in person or online can have enormous benefits for your teaching career and overall success.

The larger your network is, the more support and information you will have at your fingertips. Want to learn more?

Below are reasons why you need to be networking consistently to improve your teaching career and professional life.

Networking is the number one way to land a teaching job. Many education jobs are found through some form of networking. The caliber of jobs found through networking tends to be better and more coveted.

A personal connection to a school or principal may be the best way to get your resume on the top of the pile. To prove just how effective networking is, think about ten of your employed friends. How many of them got their jobs through a form of networking versus the traditional approach? I bet you find networking far outweighs the conventional methods.

To maximize your network, utilize your contacts. Networking works much like six degrees of separation. Anything is possible, and you never know just who you or a friend know until you put forth the effort. Everyone wants to meet someone.

LinkedIn is the most popular for online career networking, and there are ways to grow your LinkedIn network properly.

If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn, you will need to write a solid profile. Optimized your LinkedIn profile with the right keywords to get the best results.

As a general rule, there are never more than six people between you and the person you want to talk to. Networking is the best way to access otherwise unavailable people, like school administrators, who are considered better school districts or charter schools.

Having contacts within schools can help you with learning more about the district you are submitting your application. These connections can give you the scoop about the school administration, teaching staff, and the school environment to prepare your job application and for the interview. Who better to talk to about the job than with someone you know and who has an inside edge on the school?

Another significant advantage of networking is that it is a two-way street. It’s a circle of friends who help each other to improve their teaching careers. When you help others, others will help you.

Everyone likes helpful contact; good things will likely come towards you if you help others. It’s called karma. 

In every social situation you are in, make sure people leave knowing who you are, what you do, and how to get a hold of you. Career opportunities come from unexpected places and when you least expect them. You never know who you may talk to that could need your teaching skills.

If your job search is not going as planned, take the time needed to recharge your energy to succeed.