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How to Create an Elevator Pitch to Land an Educational Job

How to Create an Elevator Pitch to Land an Educational Job

Prepare to effectively network with an elevator pitch to show your value, passion, and expertise as an educational leader.

Are you conducting an educational leadership job search or thinking about making a career change soon?

As you search for school administrative roles in education, you’ll want to be able to quickly and efficiently communicate your experience and fit for potential new opportunities.

Have you come across the term ‘elevator pitch’ recently during your school administrator job search?

This term refers to the brief sixty-second speech that people use to describe the product or service they offer to others. And while this speech may not be part of your regular discourse, it must be delivered concisely and compellingly and have the necessary attracting points that will entice employers’ interests around you.

It could be called a two-minute commercial about yourself as a school administrator.

For all job seekers, it is important to learn how to create a compelling elevator speech. Familiarize yourself with the concept of professional branding and enhancing your brand to promote yourself.

More often than not, personal branding through a properly drafted elevator speech will allow you to create a good image for yourself, which you can use for a successful job search. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from other applicants who may be applying for the same position.

Understand personal branding will play an important part in your elevator pitch. Your pitch will serve as a mini-presentation of what you can do to get over the all too common phrases like “what can you do for us” and “tell us about yourself.”

An effective elevator pitch is capable of conveying to your audience you are a professional. Your pitch will address your unique selling points and the concerns of your listener.

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But how do you create an effective elevator pitch for your job search?

With an honest evaluation of yourself and thorough introspection, you can develop your own elevator pitch even without a career coach’s help.

Statements and Questions to Create an Elevator Speech

  • Determine the main objective of your job search and what is your job target.
  • Who are the individuals you are planning to communicate with?
  • Uncover your unique selling point – what is your brand?
  • Research what problems are faced by those who would be interested in your expertise?
  • Determine how you can help solve those problems.
  • What characteristics do you have that set you apart from other applicants?
  • Analyze the education leadership benefits you can bring to a school community.

As you create your elevator pitch, try to incorporate all these elements in a short presentation you can deliver in no more than sixty seconds. Once you assess the correct answers to the above questions, you will have everything you need to create an effective and compelling elevator pitch.

Don’t worry too much about being eloquent because a concise and direct speech can help you get the attention you need to secure the job interview you have been waiting for. An excellent elevator speech is a conversation starter. Use the kind of language you’d normally use in conversation with professional colleagues.

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Did your awesome elevator speech help you get an interview?