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Answering Teaching Job Postings Quickly is Critical

answering teaching job postings quickly is critical

Almost all teaching job postings that you see will have an end date on them, and others will say, “open until filled.” Because you don’t know if these “open until filled” postings are waiting for that perfect candidate, or if they are gearing up for interviews within the next few days, you’ll want to respond to them right away.

Answering teaching job postings quickly is critical. With saying this, don’t throw together a mediocre resume and cover letter. 

If you choose to delay sending in your teaching job application, including your resume and cover letter, you might find that you are too late and have lost out on a great opportunity.

Even if a job has a clearly posted application deadline, you’ll still want to apply to it as soon as possible.  Though a company may say that the deadline for application is at Noon on Friday, January 9, 2021, no law prevents them from closing the competition sooner.

Though the word “competition” may seem kind of harsh, that is exactly what it is – a competition. The sooner you send in your resume, the better. If a company has received a specific number of applications before the closing date, they may wish to pull the ad and turn away other potential candidates.

Furthermore, by submitting your resume in a timely fashion and not waiting until the last minute, you convey your enthusiasm for the position, organizational and time management skills (i.e. already having your resume/application package ready), punctuality, and other qualities that hiring managers look for in a candidate.

Besides, sometimes, the application process may be lengthy. You might start responding to an ad online on the company’s website and realize that you need to do more than simply submit a resume.

Since you chose to respond to the advertisement immediately, you have left yourself enough time to locate additional documents, request a driver’s record or criminal record check if necessary, and research the organization’s goals and philosophy.

Another reason to respond to a job posting in a prompt manner is that some companies contact you as soon as they have read your resume to schedule an interview.

They may not wait for the closing date. If this is the case, you are given a longer window of time to research the company as mentioned above and practice for your upcoming interview.

If the job posting is fresh in your head, you are more likely to maintain a high level of enthusiasm. However, if you choose to mull it over for a few days, you may start having doubts, lack the energy to apply, or forget about it together.

Applying to one position can spark an interest in applying for others.

Even though one specific position may be more desired than another, it is still a good idea to apply for more than one job if your first choice does not pan out.

If you do find that you have spontaneously replied to a job posting and are later regretting it, you can always contact the employer to rescind your application or turn down an interview.

Just because you have applied does not mean that you have to take the job. If a campus is posting a job, you know you aren’t too early to accept the position.  You can never be too early, but you can always be too late.