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Writing a Teaching Resume to Get a Job Offer to Teach

writing a teaching resume to get a job offer to teach

Writing a teaching resume to get a job offer to teach does take time and effort. Digging into your past career experiences will allow you to uncover your teaching skills, strengths, accomplishments, keywords to include on the resume. The main purpose of the resume is to land an interview, not a job offer.

When you are getting ready to start your education job search, you need to create an excellent resume to send to prospective schools to secure an interview and job offer. In many geographical locations there is an abundance of teaching jobs, but to get into the best schools, you need your application to stand out.

Getting a job offer starts with submitting a well-written, visually appealing resume to ensure you can open the door to a first and second interview, and to the teaching position you are trying to get. There are different ways to write your resume. Some methods work better than others, follow the rules below to get the best results from your teacher resume.

Oh, and don’t forget to include a cover letter with your application to introduce your resume. 

Organize What You Need to Include 

Before you start your resume, make a list of what you think should be in it. Put all of these items into categories like attributes, skills, education, experience, achievements, professional development, and awards or acknowledgments. 

Resume Presentation

A visually appealing resume is critical to landing a job offer. There are several tips to format a resume to make it stand out for all the right reasons.

Is the resume organized and clean? Is the presentation easy to read? White space and consistent formatting are important factors. Don’t use too many italics or colors; these could draw the eyes away from important details; however, it is a fabulous idea to use these options sparingly to draw attention to important details. Use headers in bold, use a traditional font, and use bullet points instead of long drawn out paragraphs.

Try to keep the resume down to no more than two pages. If you have less than three years of teaching experience, a one-page resume that is easy to read may be the best option. That is sometimes hard to do, though, especially if you are a career changer with a long history of employment and accomplishments. Only include relevant information, remember you want the resume to be focused on the job target. 

Relevant Content – Target the Job You are Seeking

Don’t make a generic resume. Using a boring template could cause your resume to be overlooked by the hiring authority. Instead, use a template that you can change to adhere to whatever teaching position you are applying for. By focusing your resume, you can move items around, add to or subtract from subjects to bring the skills and attributes that apply for the particular position to the attention of the principal. 

Pay Attention to Detail

When listing your teaching skills, experience, and education, be detailed. Include awards, certificates, and acknowledgments from previous schools. Include specific details on how your skills, education and teaching experience were an advantage to your prior teaching position. You can also include other areas of your life where you were able to use this acquired knowledge to help, such as community activities or organizations, volunteer programs, and church activities. This shows a constant use of your teaching abilities. 

Precise Information

Keep everything precise and detailed, but not long-winded. You want the resume to be easily read and still have all of your significant achievements, teaching experience, education, success stories, and skills listed.

Communicate how you have developed and implemented creative lessons and what the results were obtained.

Did you let them know what your unique selling points are as a teacher?

Maybe you would like to share a success story about making a difficult call to a parent.

Have you increased student’s writing abilities? If so, how? 

Get Other’s Opinion

When you have the resume all put together, get someone you know, preferably in the teaching field to read it over and make any suggestions on changes that might need to be done.

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