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Educational Resume Writing Preparation Tips And Advice

Educational Resume Writing Preparation Tips and Advice

If you’ve used an excellent resume format and layout to create an eye-catching document, your next big step is to ensure that the content of your educational resume accurately reflects your accomplishments and abilities.

If you are writing a teacher or school administrator resume, you must create a persuasive resume to ensure you receive a call to attend an interview.

The following educational resume writing tips and tricks will help you write your resume and cover letter to contain what hiring managers are looking for in a job applicant.

Make Them Want You

Ultimately, the goal of your resume and cover letter is to sell you as a potential employee. These marketing tools must convince the reader to offer you an interview. Let your documents show what a valuable asset you can be to their school district and that they would be fools not to hire you. By emphasizing your education, experience, credentials, and outstanding skillsets, the employer should be unable to resist speaking with you and finding out more about your excellent qualities.

Market Yourself, Even if You are Still a Student

Many new teachers become discouraged during the job application process. Those that get frustrated with their job search have been told or the belief that most school districts are looking for someone with experience. However, this is not always the case. Use student teaching internship experience to build your resume as a new teacher.

Many school districts are looking for fresh, new minds who can help bring creativity and new ideas and activities into the classroom. Some districts may even prefer younger individuals, as they will not already be set in their ways and are more willing to comply with the district’s methods and policies.

Because of this, if you are a student, recent graduate, or if you are transitioning to education from another field, be sure to highlight ways in which you have been able to think creatively to accomplish goals, worked with diverse teams, and found ways to innovate within existing systems. Your transferable skills may prove valuable to hiring managers. It’s all about taking the necessary resume writing tips to market your value.

Let the Reader Know You Can Do The Job

Communicating you can do the job is what a potential employer needs to know. And you are willing to execute your responsibilities to the fullest with passion. Consider including a testimonial or slogan near the end of your cover letter to highlight your passion and ability to excel. 

Demonstrate your ability by coming prepared, practicing with sample interview questions beforehand. Know what to expect and showcase your capabilities in your teaching portfolio or sample lesson plans. Maintain a positive attitude and exude confidence. Confidence is appealing to any hiring manager or school principal, or school district superintendent.

Don’t Be Afraid to Name Drop.

If you have worked for a district or individual well-known (in a positive way) in the industry, highlight that in your resume and cover letter. Mention in your cover letter if you learned about the job posting from one of the school’s great employees. This could give you a slight edge over the competition. Be sure to discuss your plans to name-drop with the person you intend to mention before your interview, as the hiring manager will likely check with the employee regarding your work ethic and disposition. You want them to be prepared to write an excellent word if needed.

Ask, “Would I hire myself based on this resume?”

When you have finished your resume and cover letter, take a good long look at your documents and ask yourself, “Would I hire me?” If the answer is no, you must review your documents and see where you can improve. Work on them until you get it right and are convinced that you are indeed the right candidate for the job or at least an interview. A job application is one place where you must be your best advocate.

Toot your own horn and take pride in your accomplishments.

Communicate effectively when you describe your career achievements in all your job application materials. If you have confidence in yourself, so will others.