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International / Overseas Teaching

Conduct an International Teacher Job Search and Teach Overseas

conduct an international teacher job search and teach overseas

Conduct an international teacher job search and teach overseas. Teaching overseas is an exciting opportunity and is being increasingly sought after by educators, ranging from graduating students to those in the industry for many years. Unfortunately, many people find the process of overseas job hunting confusing and complex. Job seekers can relieve this feeling if [...]

You’ve Arrived at Your International Teaching Job. Now What?

you've arrived at your international teaching job. Now what?

Arriving at your international teaching job marks the beginning of an exciting journey filled with new experiences and opportunities. However, adjusting to life in a foreign country can be overwhelming at first. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your transition smoothly: 1. Water Safety: One of the first things to consider is the [...]

Job Searching Techniques in America Versus Overseas

Job Searching Techniques to American Versus Overseas

When looking into job searching techniques in North America versus overseas, you will notice some significant differences. Take these strategies and tips into account when conducting your job search. Teaching abroad is an excellent way to make some money and get an opportunity to tour and travel the world. Whether you’re recently out of college [...]

Preparing for An International Teaching Job Takes Planning

preparing for an international teaching job takes planning

Preparing for an international teaching job takes planning, including researching where you would like to live, determining which schools are hiring, and finalizing a range of essential details. Plan to take several steps to find the perfect job and prepare yourself for your big move. Once you’ve interviewed and offered an overseas or International teacher [...]

Tips to Research International Schools to Teach Abroad

tips to research international schools to teach abroad

When most of us imagine what it must be like to teach abroad, we envision a magnificent life doing meaningful work with students in a faraway city, full of new and exciting cultural experiences, fabulous new friendships, and professional fulfillment.     Research the school to achieve your vision. If your goal is to teach abroad, [...]

International Teaching Job Search and Interview Tips and Techniques

International Teaching Job Search and Interview Tips and Techniques

If you are planning to teach in an international school and you want to know how you can land an international teaching job, what the benefits are, the compensation, and how you can apply for one, there are several available resources you can use to learn how. Deciding how to proceed will largely depend on your career goals but the first step is for you to make a shortlist of international schools and write directly to them to inquire about hiring opportunities within their community. But to get the best results from your search for teaching positions in an international school, you can make use of the step by step procedure stated below.

Teaching Job Overseas – What Country is Right for You?

Teaching Job Overseas – What Country is Right for You?

A teaching job overseas can offer you life-changing events, enriching classroom experiences, and superb opportunities to travel and see different parts of the world. Teaching is one of a few professions that allows you to go and see the world. If you possess a degree and TEFL certification, you can score an amazing teaching position [...]