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International Teaching Job Search Tips to Land a Job Overseas

These international teaching job search tips will help navigate through the international teaching process to make an overseas teaching experience successful and rewarding. Research international teaching jobs carefully to ensure a great transition.

Applying for a teaching job overseas can be very different than applying for a teaching job in your home state or country. There can be unique educational requirements, a working visa, and a thorough understanding of the new country and culture in which you are about to embark on. Do you know what a typical wage is for international educators? What is the cost of living like? Are your own culture, gender, or religious beliefs welcome in the country you are applying to? Are there health concerns in the region you are considering? These are all questions you must carefully look at before hopping on the next international flight!

International Teaching Job Search Tips and Steps to Secure a New Position

You will find excellent overseas teacher resume tips, international teacher CV strategies, teaching abroad cover letter tips, and international educator job search methods. Take the time to research the country or countries you are looking to obtain a teaching job in. Understand what their cultural norms are, religious practices, and focuses on student education. Develop your teaching abroad resume based on the information you discover.

If you find you are struggling with or are stressed out over the international teaching job search process, contact Candace Alstad-Davies. She has helped thousands of educators around the world, including a plethora of international educators. As you can see by these teaching abroad articles, Candace understands how to make the international job search process much easier. She can help you with your instructor resume, teacher cover letter, educator job search, overseas job interview, and overall career coaching.

Don’t leave your international teaching career to chance – go through these comprehensive posts and contact a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach!

Preparing for An International Teaching Job Takes Planning

preparing for an international teaching job takes planning

Preparing for an international teaching job takes planning, including researching where you would like to live, determining which schools are hiring, and finalizing a range of essential details. There are several steps you need to take to find the perfect job and prepare yourself for your big move. Once you’ve interviewed and offered an overseas [...]

Tips to Research International Schools to Teach Abroad

tips to research international schools to teach abroad

When most of us imagine what it must be like to teach abroad, we envision a magnificent life doing meaningful work with students in a faraway city, full of new and exciting cultural experiences, fabulous new friendships, and professional fulfillment.     Research the school to achieve your vision. If your goal is to teach abroad, [...]

International Teaching Job Search and Interview Tips and Techniques

If you are planning to teach in an international school and you want to know how you can land an international teaching job, what the benefits are, the compensation, and how you can apply for one, there are several available resources you can use to learn how. Deciding how to proceed will largely depend on your career goals but the first step is for you to make a shortlist of international schools and write directly to them to inquire about hiring opportunities within their community. But to get the best results from your search for teaching positions in an international school, you can make use of the step by step procedure stated below.

Teaching Job Overseas – What Country is Right for You?

teaching job overseas what country is right for you

A teaching job overseas can offer you life-changing events, enriching classroom experiences, and superb opportunities to travel and see different parts of the world. Teaching is one of a few professions that affords you the opportunity to travel and see the world. If you possess a degree and TEFL certification, you can score a great [...]

What to Include in Your Resume for Teaching Abroad

What to include in your resume for teaching abroad.

These resume writing tips will help you to create a resume for teaching aboard. What details to include and not to include in your resume is a very critical aspect of securing an international teaching position. If you have ever applied for a new teaching post, you will understand the importance of having a quality [...]

Steps to Work with a Recruiter Specializing in Overseas Teaching Jobs

Steps to Work with a Recruiter Specializing in Overseas Teaching Jobs

Working with a recruiter specializing in overseas teaching can be very beneficial to your international job search. If your job hunting for international education employment opportunities has not paid off yet, maybe it is time for you to work with a professional recruiter that specializes in the recruitment of educators abroad. Finding a teaching job [...]

A Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Overseas

If you’re just beginning to learn about teaching overseas, and you want to know where international teaching jobs exist, what they pay and how to apply, there are a variety of resources for teaching overseas. How you proceed should depend on your goals. If you want to teach overseas in a specific country, or within [...]

What Should You Bring to An Overseas Teaching Position

When packing for your overseas teaching position, it is always a good idea to make a checklist. Make a list of every possible thing that comes to mind, this will leave a lot of room for the addition of more ideas as they come to you. Anything that you don’t bring with you initially, you can [...]

Does My Living Situation Matter for an International Teaching Job?

If you are considering taking an international teaching job, you will need to make sure that you will be able to handle the lifestyle changes that come with an international move. On the surface, teaching abroad can sound like a great life adventure, but it’s not for everyone. Before accepting the job, you should make [...]

When trying to narrow down the list of potential countries that you may want to teach in, it is a good idea to ask yourself a few questions. Is there a region or culture that I have a particular interest in? When choosing where to teach overseas, it can seem overwhelming at first when your [...]