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How to Find the Perfect International Teaching Job

how to find the perfect international teaching job

There are many resources to find the perfect international teaching job – sit back and learn more about locating overseas teacher job opportunities. Determine what you are looking for in a teaching position overseas. Make a list of your top priorities; this will help you screen out potential job leads.

Many teachers seek English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching jobs abroad; there are many excellent job hunting tips for landing an ESL teaching job.

If you have just graduated with a teaching degree, you will probably be eager to start using your new teaching skills. Many people come out of college ready and eager to teach only to find no local job vacancies.

If you find yourself in this situation or just like a change of scenery, you should consider teaching internationally. Understanding the pros and cons and the differences between teaching locally or landing a teacher position abroad will help make your decision.

Schools abroad are looking to hire teachers from America, Canada, or the UK for various reasons. Sometimes these schools want a teacher where their first language is English to teach it to their students.

Other times, they may want to allow their students to be exposed to a range of worldviews, and the first language isn’t the number one priority.

International schools may want you to educate their students about the customs of your home country. This will help students become active and educated participants in the global economy. Introducing students to a variety of cultures will enable them to learn to respect and understand cultural differences.

What Specific Criteria Do International Schools Look for In Teaching Candidates

Quite frequently, schools abroad that hire foreign teachers are associated with the teacher’s home country. These schools are set up to educate expatriates or military members from the teacher’s home country living and/or working in that country.

Every country has its own standard of education. The Department of Defense, or other government agencies, often set up schools to ensure its youngest citizens living in other countries can receive the same educational advantages as their peers at home.

You should draft a set of questions to ask about overseas teaching jobs to ensure you know if it is the right career opportunity for you.

Financial Aspects of International Teaching Positions

The salary for teaching internationally can vary greatly depending on the location. Usually, government schools will have similar pay to private schools in the teacher’s home country.

Some countries in economic turmoil may not be able to offer a salary that is competitive with those offered by domestic schools. Still, they often compensate for this by offering other benefits such as free housing or travel subsidies.

Another financial benefit of teaching abroad is that the teacher may not be required to pay taxes on their earnings. Traditionally the country in which the teacher works does not make tax earnings because it is not a citizen. You would want to check with a licensed accountant to find out more.

Furthermore, the teacher’s home country does not charge tax on the earnings because it was earned abroad. The tax savings associated with this can be substantial, making teaching internationally a sound economic decision.

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Finding Job Leads to Teach Overseas

Many agencies set up to assist teachers with international teaching applications and locate and acquire an international teaching job that is perfect for you.

If you have just finished college and are looking to teach overseas, you can contact your college to see if they have programs to help you find an international teaching job.

Consider checking out available overseas teaching jobs on Indeed or TESall.com to determine if any are worth writing a targeted teacher resume and a teaching application letter to show your passion.

Colleges with international study departments are often prepared to assist graduates from the school in locating international work. Additionally, there are several annual job fairs for international teaching positions; sometimes, these provide a gold mine of opportunity.

Use the internet to find teaching English jobs by performing simple searches using Google, Bing, or LinkedIn.

Use key terms such as “International teaching” or “Teaching Abroad.”  By doing this, you will discover there is a host of organizations and recruiters to help you find the job of your dreams.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to locate specialized recruiters and available positions. Make sure your profile is focused on your target position. This is critical to be found on this extensive professional network. Search engine optimization SEO is critical to get found by the right schools or potential recruiters.

Knowing how to screen out overseas teaching jobs is an important aspect of job searching.

If you would like help to write a searchable, attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile or any other job search documents to secure an international teaching job, connect with us.