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Teachers and Administrators Need to be Strong Role Models

Teachers and Administrators Need to be Strong Role Models

Teachers and administrators need to be strong role models for self-explanatory reasons. A school principal, classroom teacher, or any other educator needs to be a person that all students, parents, and colleagues respect and appreciate their presence.

These roles require being committed to your students, peers, parents, and staff, and setting an example needs to be done with consistency. Keep this in mind at all times while at work, in the community, after hours, or while representing your school at various functions.

Remain professional in your speech, attitude, and dress to optimize success. It is essential to remain professional with students and staff while being friendly as well. Watch your demeanor, actions, and speech to ensure you are honest and hold strong morals, which will help set a good example for others.

While working directly with students in the classroom, you must uphold the values and beliefs that will foster the next generation’s achievement and sound moral and ethical behavior. As a teacher, students look up to for guidance on how to act and behave positively.

It’s paramount you consistently provide your students by showing you are always an excellent role model.

Embody the lessons you teach them – cooperation, empathy, compassion, independence, teamwork, problem-solving, and acceptance, among many others.

As an administrator, not only must you model professionalism for students, you must foster these attitudes in your staff. As a leader, it is your job to set an excellent example for teachers as well. Build students up, so they are encouraged and enthusiastic about their role in the school and the positive influence on other students.

Ask yourself:

Am I representing the school in the right manner?

Do I act professionally at all times?

How do others view me?

How do you view inclusion in the classroom?

Do they find me cooperative and willing to listen and adapt?

Would I want to work with me?

Take a good hard look at yourself and think about these different questions. If you have any doubts about yourself or your performance, then it is time to work on these areas of weakness. Time to break bad habits that are either unprofessional.

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