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Urgency is Critical to Landing a Teacher Job Interview

Urgency is Critical to Landing a Teacher Job Interview

When trying to get a teacher job interview, timing is everything. If you hang around and wait for something to happen, it won’t.

Having a sense of urgency is crucial in getting an interview because if you only apply for one job, you have to wait for them to respond, and there is no point waiting until one school gets back to you before you apply for another teaching job.

I have witnessed a situation where someone applied for a job, but the recruiter went on a holiday, so they did not get a response until several weeks later. A lot of times, you won’t receive an answer either way regarding your application. So waiting for an answer from a school you apply to can be a fruitless endeavor.

Instead, call the school about a week after the deadline date they set for receiving applications to inquire about your application’s status. This way, you are being proactive and will get a straight answer about your chances of receiving an interview.

By calling, you are showing the school your level of interest and motivation towards the available position. Be careful not to hound the school; it’s perfectly reasonable to follow up with your application.

Instead of applying to one position at a time and putting all your eggs in one basket, you should be applying to several available positions in your districts of interest in your teaching area. Keep track of the positions you apply for. This will allow you to keep your inquiries straight and be able to follow-up on your applications.

Every time you send an application, write down the information regarding the teaching position. This includes the date you applied, the application deadline date, the contact name, and any other relevant information about the position so you can keep all your applications straight. This way, when you do receive a call for an interview, you will know which school and position they are calling about. Conducting a teacher job search is much like having a second job.

You should approach it like a job, and if you are unemployed, your job search is your job. This means setting aside certain hours each day for job-searching activities. Stay on top of the education job boards because you won’t want to miss a career opportunity.

You can sign up for job alerts on many job boards that will send you an email when positions in your teaching area come up. This will save you lots of time sifting through all the job boards. As well, your resume should always be up-to-date and ready to go. This way, when you discover opportunities, especially time-sensitive ones, you will be able to apply right away. The bottom line is that job searching a proactive, not a passive endeavor.

Be diligent and vigilant in your job search for the time you invest in paying off with interviews. By conducting your teacher job search with a sense of urgency, your efforts will pay off faster.