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Determine Your Unique Selling Point and Soar at Your Interview

Determine Your Unique Selling Point and Soar at Your Interview

Why should we hire you over other teachers? What is your unique selling point?

The most commonly asked questions at a teaching interview could be similar to:

Why would you be a better employee than the other job applicants?

To get the A+ rating for answering any of the questions above when being interviewed, you must develop something to set you apart from other applicants.

Provide solid evidence of why your teaching qualifications and skill set make you the best candidate for the teaching or school administrator position.

Identify your unique selling point before the interview and be prepared to communicate in detail during the meeting.

Evaluate the job description and compare it to your professional abilities and achievements in your previous teaching experience. The key is to stay positive throughout the interview and emphasize your interest in the school and the teaching position you are applying for.

Sometimes, many job seekers are overwhelmed by this seemingly simple interview question. Still, many principals depend on the answer to this question to help them decide which applicant to choose.

If you are prepared, this is your chance to showcase yourself verbally for the employers to have a better glimpse of what you can do for them and the school community. It is a way for them to gauge whether you can become an excellent asset to the school and whether your skills can bring significant changes.

Answering this question is also an opportunity to strengthen the image you present to the interviewer. Your response will indicate whether you have positive motivation and passion for joining the team.

Tips to Identify Your Unique Selling Point

Below are some ideas to help you find an informed answer to this interview question.

• Among the best ways for you to come up with an excellent answer is to create a shortlist of all your skills and career advantages. Create a short paragraph from the list that puts you in a very positive and professional light.

• Cite the similarities of the job description to your previous teaching experiences and tell them how well you performed your classroom duties in the past, as well as your related achievements.

• Make it clear about your career objectives and professional goals. Highlight your extraordinary career motivation and dedication toward teaching. If you switch careers to teaching, you should prepare for specific interview questions to make the transition. 

• Avoid sounding conceited or self-righteous when answering “Why should we hire you?” because it can negatively impact your image. Always answer in a composed and professional tone and stress what you can do for the school.

When articulating your unique selling point, be concise and compelling. Avoid overwhelming the interviewer with information, but provide enough background to prove your value as a teacher and school community member. 

These tips help you answer this fundamental interview question related to your unique selling point. Be honest and stay confident; you will do just fine.