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What Components Make a Great Lesson Plan? Typical Job Interview Question

Typical job interview question What compenents make a great lesson plan?

Do you know how you would answer this teaching interview question: What components make a great lesson? The interviewer could specifically ask for four comments on a lesson plan.

The response you give to this job interview question is important to the position and grade level and shows your knowledge to the school district. The following could be a possible answer, or it may provide ideas for you to tailor your response to the interview question.

The following dialogue is composed as if I was responding to the interview question.

In my experience, an excellent lesson needs to have critical components to be effective.

First of all, the assignment needs to have a clear objective. I should know what and why I’m teaching the lesson, and my students should understand what they will be learning and why it’s important. Instruction should be clear and easy to comprehend. Creating engaging lessons will help you to fine-tune your classroom management skills

All great lessons should have active engagement activities. Students learn best by doing, so hands-on activities enhance a learning objective. I incorporate whiteboards, small group discussions, and technology-based activities to keep students on their toes and minds moving. It is important to be able to differentiate instruction for all learners in the classroom. The lesson needs to teach to the standards and fall within the class’s curriculum to meet benchmarks.

Once students are engaged in their activities, I must move around the room and assist and keep an eye on students as they learn. This will ensure the lesson is going how I envisioned it.

Finally, to help students develop critical thinking skills, I question students – asking how, why, if, and what else questions to strengthen their comprehension of the issues at hand. An assessment method is essential to make sure they have learned the material and met the lesson’s objective.