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How Do You Use Technology in Your Classroom?

How Do You Use Technology in Your Classroom?

Do you know how to answer this teacher interview question: How do you use technology in your classroom?

It is important that the response you give to the job interview question is truthful, relevant to the position, and shows value to the school district. The following could be a possible answer… or it may provide some ideas for you to tailor your response:

It is important as a teacher to keep up to date and use technology to make learning and teaching useful. If you are asked how you do this during a teacher interview, the interviewer is trying to determine how versed you are in integrating technology and what computer or other technical skills you can help students develop. Many schools have requested grants or allocated funds specifically for upgrading their computer labs and purchase other technology devices. Since technology plays a crucial role in our society, students must know how to use it properly.

To answer this question successfully, you may want to research this topic before the interview. Learn which forms of technology the school currently uses and which ones are the most popular and/or effective. Find out if the administrator has established new technology-driven initiatives or is willing to sanction related after-school clubs.

Be sure to highlight your relevant areas of expertise and mention any courses you may have taken that focused on specific types of technology or software programs. Showcase how your education has affected and enhanced your teaching techniques. You may want to explain that by integrating various forms of technology, you can facilitate learners’ different styles, spark students’ interest, and demonstrate a direct correlation between the classroom and everyday life.

As well, if there are any additional courses you have taken that do not directly relate to the school’s current technology, demonstrate how you could bring new skills and technology to the classroom and are willing to instruct fellow educators as well. Be creative but truthful with your answers. Provide data, if possible, to back up your answers as to how technology has enhanced the teaching/learning process and inspired students to succeed. Highlight proven methods, as well as ideas you hope to use in the future.